EAA AirVenture Oshkosh

EAA AirVenture Oshkosh, FSX

Drop by Wittman Regional Airport (KOSH) Photo SkyVector.com Map in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, USA, and join the annual EAA AirVenture Oshkosh - "The World's Greatest Aviation Celebration". Taxi around the airport and you will see hundreds of planes.

Set the aircraft start position at southwest parking 9. Taxi around the control tower in front of you and read the statement on the banners on the tower Photo. In fact this statement is true during the weekend of the event.

Also see Reno Air Races - another US flight event.


Jesus! I never saw so many planes in a single airport, in the MSFS! Thanks!
Jorge Silva.
i saw the blue angels here in fsx on loopy larry, if you take off then turn all around behind you and slightly to the right there they will be.(the blue angels of course!)
If you do the Jet Truck Drag Race in FSX you might going to see extra AI aircraft taken place here. Those AI Aircrafts are Boeing 787-9, Airbus A380, Boeing 747-8, Antonov AN-225 and a Concorde
How andwhen does it appear exxactly??? :s

AWSOME!!! oh and, my comments ALWAYS end with this
ive heard in fs2004 you can see a p-51 mustang there
there are some really cool static planes here!!!
yes there are
what time of the year does this happen in real life??
Last week of July is AirVenture. This year it is July 28 - Aug 3. www.airventure.org You have to experience it...
In Loopy Larry you can see an Antonov an-225. What happened to it?
Get better scenery for it here at simviation. Scenery only works with acceleration.

there's some good freeware airshow scenery for this airport on simviation.com

I've been looking for this.

*Picks up cookie pizza at airport and gets into plane*
For this one you really have to be at the real event. It's an experience you'll regret not having had.
AWSOME!!!I went to airventure 2008 cuz we live rit by oshkosh and thats realy what those banners say

whene I go there there are no planes, can some one help me
same here there are no planes when i get there cos i fly the fa37 talon online in a fighter wing with 20 other people
the v 128 spaudron wow your the leader
the planes are low detail but nice, but tey are placed at grass, i dont know why.

Because there isnt enough room to taxi if they put them on concret
is oshcosh big
Oshkosh is one of the biggest airshows/displays ever
Farnborough is better. (In Reality)
the flight simulator is da bomb!!!!!!!!!!!
THESE GUYS RULE!!! I heard a bunch of people bring there own planes.
You should get the Scenery add-on from simviation.com
its the same scenery you get at the Loopy Larry thing
Urban Terorr BABY!!!
Q whene I go there there are no planes, can some one help me
A turn your mip mapping (in hardware)right up you will then see the planes hope this helps

Can not see any airplane. What exactly do I have to do? What means "A turn your mip mapping (in hardware)"?
sorry not M.I.P mapping(i made major fuck up soz)
start up fs9-go to settings (at bottom of main menu wen u start up fs9) click display you will see a box with scenery objects written at top turn all three sliders right up and tick both tick boxes soz once again MAJOR FUCK UP WANK TIT BASTARD dont blame me im scottish(and proud)no i dont wear a kilt or worship nessie
hahahaah scottish
africa is communist no? sorry my english is no good i polish
your mum is big enough to be a nation lol
i know when it s held
A game where you can build stuff, and fly planes! Its called ROBLOX.com
God ROBLOX guys shut the hell up! I can't find a single page where you haven't commented! Jesus Christ!
Anyways, Oshkosh is an awesome place. I've been going there since '05 and love their A-10 weapons display! I fly the A-10 for the USAF!
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