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Alternative simulation, FSX

Some aircraft designers believe FS should not only be preserved aircrafts. Therefore you can download cars, busses, ships, and even trains that are simulated just like planes (did you know the stalling speed of a train in landing configuration is 50 knots?) Search for the add-ons at e.g. AVSIM or take a look at the great add-ons on this site.

Now you can transport your passengers between the terminal building and the aircraft or do a sightseeing tour in whatever city you visit.

For example pick a car or bus, start in the southwestern corner of Central Park, New York City, and follow Broadway to the south. You'll see e.g. Flatiron, a building you would never spot from the air.

By the way, what do you call a bus in FS? Answer.


Driving around seems awesome I am hoping to get this game for my birthday and will definetly try it out since I won't be driving for a while.
You can use Google Translator to read the site (written in Japanese)
that would be cool... how about each one be separate and cost 10$$
lol. The joke is funny.
HEY! a mercedes on a runway! Is this an episode of Top Gear????? ;)))
join at currylovers.spruz.com today for great cars like these!
Does anyone know if you can find a Dr. Who TARDIS for FSX?
how do you get a BUS???
yes ,but I have not released it yet.
Try going to LAX, setting Airline Traffic Density to 100%, and parking on the active runway (in a car). Planes will fly right over you taking off and landing, and it's hilarious. You can also take screenshots by pressing 'v', then look at them later.
you can also go to simviation.com to more stuff for you flight simulator game insead of the webssite on this page

I want tardis soooo bad
how do you call a bus?
it wasn't on the website the guy gave us.Just a fyi.
airbus get it????

Yeah I get, there's a bus suspended in midair right over your head. You know 100 percent of all stupid people will actually look up?
How can you land on add-on carrier Nimitz...??Can anyone tell me???The boat is like plane...can only move and..fly..!!
where did you get it
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ha ha ha! that is so clever!
get an se5a from scoularo.when your flying turn the lights on.
ha ha i have the james bond flying car
how do you download cars and planes.
you can get an air bus from flightsim.andyjohnston.net for fs9 but not for fsx but it has a twist
go to flying stations.they got some high detail aircraft and carrier senery
I dont speek japaneese
flying stations wyvern luanchs with catapult in accelration
im downloding a u boat

Im making a TARDIS for FSX right now
HAHAHAHA!!!! That was a funny joke!

the uboat is cool
I am actualy going to host a sesion on fsx (largest formation flight ) what you do is in the title
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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