Amusement park

Amusement park, FSX

In the default scenery you'll find amusement parks with roller coaster and observation wheel. The parks are all similar but located at difference places. Here's a couple of places where you can find them:

Coney Island, New York City: Takeoff from KJFK and fly heading 260. The park is located next to the coastline.

San Diego: Takeoff from KSAN and fly heading 295. The park is likewise located next to the coastline.

If you want to visit a large theme park try the Walt Disney World in Florida, USA.


There's also one near Burbank. Fly heading 310 from KBUR, and you'll find it.
The park near Burbank, California contains 3 rides.
Coaster,Observation Wheel,and Superman the Escape. This cool ride shoots riders straight up.
That's Magic Mountain :)
Ya, Ive been there
i wish u can eject and walk around and u can on ride!:) :p
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You can land at one. Silverwood in Idaho. Search by airport. Same three rides.
not got any curves
The park in San Diego is Belmont Park and had one of the fastest and oldest wooden coasters on the west coast.
its in GTA4 too
they should've put lunar park
the coordinates are N40*34,45' W73*58,91' alt=10ft.You'll appear right near it.
i love trying to finfd theme parks. this is the only one i found on my own
The Burbank one isn't animated. Are the other ones motion?
Heh. Wonder if Cedar Point in Sandusky, OH is there
ther is also one to the south of la grdia
What about Disney Land? Take off from KFUL fly VFR following I5 south to Anahiem (about 5 min in ultralight at 60 mph)
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I couldnt find Cedar Point anywhere...I flew over the real life gps cordinates of it but i couldnt find it so i guess its not there or they moved for some reason
it looks so cool im going to try it now

cedar point is in FSX-fly left to right and follow the lake erie coastline where it meets northern Ohio and stay low. it has 1 coaster, 1 ferris wheel, 1 observation tower and something that looked like the Demon Drop a little.
be funny if you crashed into the roller coaster and the kids on it will REALLY have something to scream about

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Its Knott's Berry Farm
Hi Stop swearing!
Cedar Point should be on it but there is only 3 radio masts where it should be.
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