Area 51

Area 51, FSX

This is a FSX only tour.

I don't believe Area 51 (aka Groom Lake) Map SkyVector.com needs no further introduction. It's great that the guys at Microsoft did include this top secret US Air Force base in FSX (with code AR51). As testing facility the airport is home of several runways, the longest one of 23000 ft. And no - you won't be able to find any official charts that reveals the existence of the base.

fsx missions On the FSX mission Secret Shuttle you'll see UFOs in the area and earn the postcard reward Blurry Photo of a UFO.


The airspace surrounding Area 51 is a bit complicated because of the local military activities. The airspace is outlined on the chart below which you can also see in full scale here.

  1. Restricted from ground to unlimited all-time (R-4808 N)
  2. Restricted from ground to unlimited all-time (R-4806 W)
  3. Military Operations Area from 100 ft AGL to FL180 from sunrise to sunset, monday to saturday (DESERT MOA). Remark that a MOA is not restricted or prohibited.
  4. Restricted from ground to unlimited monday 0600 to friday 1900 local time unless a NOTAM has been issued (R-4807 A)

This means that you as a civilian is allowed to reach the airport by a distance of only ~10 nm (via sector 3 or 4).

Here is a couple of interesting sites if you want to learn more about flying near Area 51: