Aspen, FSX

Aspen is a ski resort in Colorado, United States. The local airport, Aspen-Pitkin County Airport (KASE) Map Photo, is located in a mountainous terrain which makes takeoffs and landings challenging.

The airport elevation is 7800 ft. The single runway 15-33 is 7000x100 ft and must only be served by aircrafts with a wing span smaller than 96 ft and only at daytime. Rwy 15 is the preferred runway for landings and rwy 33 for takeoffs, especially because rwy 15 is uphill by 2% in real-world.

There is three instrument approaches:

Try also a missed approach where you intercept a localizer on back course. Actucally this is the only purpose of this localizer.

See airport charts.

Denver - Aspen

Set season to winter and weather to heavy snows. Make a short taxi flight with ski tourists from Denver (KDEN) to Aspen in the Bombardier LearJet.


This is a great airport to have some fun with. However, I have tried countless times to follow the offset approach and I always end up way too high. Anyone else had the same?
I can tell you how not to do that...cupcakes

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killing simulator... lol

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