Athens, FSX

Athens Map is the capital of Greece. The city is surrounded by mountains and water.

Takeoff from Eleftherios Venizelos Airport (LGAV), officially Athens International Airport, and fly west heading to the top of the high mountain ahead. This gives you a great overview of the city. Fly to the city centre where you will see Acropolis.

The Hellinikon Airport (LGAT) was the city airport until 2001. The airport is still visible in FSX but is in real-life partly demolished today.


Too bad the Acropolis isn't capable of being landed on. I just get a building crash when attempting to with a helicopter.
It's beautiful. Unfortunately I get a building crash too if I try to land on it.
Hey... if you have trouble landing in it, just go to settings, and click "crashes and damage" and it'll stop.
I live in Athens, all i have to do in order to see it is just getting out of my house and yet i never thought of looking it up here lol
the pyramids is better
the pryamids ARE better
ive actually landed a robinson chopper on one of these towers(not in real life)
Go to Sasntorini Greece at 1800(8:00Pm) and look at the sky it is pink and purble, because of the sunset, its really cool!!
is the olympic stadium there

You need a life
1800 is not 8:00 PM. It's 6:00 PM. 2000 is 8:00 PM...
what is that???????
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Do not abuse the Acropolis. Greece is nice... and do not try landing on it because it is very special but you English people do not understand because you are idiots. English people do not include Americans... To be continued in Greece in Thessaloniki
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i livein australia but its good to go see the acropolis from my house
anyone got cordiates cuz i can't find it

make sure your custom scenery is at the highest
is that in athens,grees i cant find the questin mark.
The pyramids of Giza, Egypt is better.
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