Aurora, FSX

Aurora (aurora borealis, northern lights, or aurora australis) Photo also appears in FS2004. Even meteors should be possible to see.

I have often seen the aurora on the Faroe Islands (EKVG) at about 5000 ft ASL.

Read the following usenet threads for further information:
northern lights, aurora, meteors


I have seen the northern lights on an approach into Sitka, Alaska (KSIT) at about 5,000 in May
Iqaluit, Nunavut (CYFB) is one of the most active sites in 'real life' as well as in FS:2004 for the Aurora Borealis during the 'cold winter months' of flying.
i have not found the northern lights. they are really hard to find, i tried in all the places you guys said but nothing. niether did I find meteors at the faroe islands
I have seen them Coming flying Iceland-London Heathrow in the Icelandair 757.. man she's nice to look at, i nearly forgot to fly the plane
I saw a Meteor for the first time last week since having FS9 from release day.
Surprised me.
I was at Eareckson Air Station in the winter. It was night, and I was in a Douglas DC-3 and sure enough, I see the northern lights. I paid too much attentionto it and broke the main gear on the DC-3!
Set your time to winter @ night, select Edmonton, Alberta and fly 345, climb 10000-20000 and they will appear in about 20-30 minutes. Use Slew if your impatient. They are neat, I wish they changed color though.
I have seen the aurora australis flying out of McMurdo sound in Antarctica
they don't look like the real thing at all. the real ones are like waves that move really fast and you can see that they are stretching really high. not so easy to explain but if you see one for real you'll get it.
Saw the lights for the 1st time in January 2007, on a flight Glasgow to Rome at around 15,000 ft - really stunning - totally unexpected - lasted 30 mins or so
Flew out of Alert in a RQ-4A Global Hawk and saw an Aurora display lasting for 10-15 minutes.
Saw a meteor in FS9 in all my 8 years of flightsimming for the first time. Freaked me out/surprised me.
going from new tokyo- paris taking a new JAL 777 for a spin I saw the northern lights over north russia. visible day and night.
aurora borealis are only visible between 65° and 75° lattitude north or south. best period at the top of solar cycle each 12 years.
takeoff runway 35 @ CYFB and fly heading 360 above 20,000ft, on a winter night if u wanna see some beautiful meteor showers.
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Saw the lights flying from KSEA to PANC several times. Never saw meteors tho...:S
In my opinion, the Southern Lights are even better than the Northern. Of course, that may be my imagination, or the effect of a sky-enhancing add-on I'm using. Either way, try taking off from Base Marambio (SAWB) at the appropriate time and season, and head south. The altitude doesn't seem to matter; you can sometimes see the lights from the tower view at the base.
I saw the northern lights when I was just flying around and decided to land on the north pole at around 12am.
Meant for Fsx or FS2004?
find it but the graphic was BAD!!
Where in fsx can you see the northern lights.
cant find any in fsx
well well well
if you have a chinook downloaded onto fsx you can actually land it on water!Try it!
Come fly in Norway and in winter you will see a lot of northern lights;-)
where can u find a meteor shower in fsx?

Tromso, Norway for aurora in FSX but not spectacular
Took the flight from CYFB. No sign of meteors. :(
The CYFB flight did in fact, yield a LOT of meteors for me. It's easier to see them in a dark room at 16x speed.
i found it in fsx it was so cool i forgot to take sreen shots of it...oh well i guess i have to go find them again...the graphics are good but not as good as real life
i thought i saw a meteor playing as atc in multiplayer but it turned out it was a plane crashing.
I found them just north of Russia. I was at FL450 and I used slew to go up. Surprisingly, I could actually go ABOVE the lights at around FL650.
I had two meteors after start in Baghdad. Climbing cruise altitude. At first I thougt secret aircrafts or missile attacks....

i have seen aurora when flying over iceland in winter
I even seen them when landing at Newcastle (EGNT), roughly 20 miles out approaching runway 07 what I recall being between 10,000ft - 6,000ft and they where fantastic and appeared much stronger than in many videos and screenshots I’ve seen. The season was winter and at roughly 10pm. I’ve gone back to this scenario many of times but haven’t had any success finding them again!
Hi,sorry if my english's not v well I'm from argentina. I'm looking the aurora borealis, northern lights or - australis in FSX. I think it needs to know the exactly time season and the place in order to see it. Alaska is an appropriate place I think. Now I'd like to know the time and season.. is there anybody who can send to this page smth to find the N-lights..? thanks..
i've seen a meteor once, over Québec City... Long trail of fire in the sky...
I found a few meteors leaving Acapulco, Mexico in FSX... fl330 325 degree heading... freaked me out ...about 2 am mexico time.... wove through the thunderstorms, quieted down a lot....then the meteors....nice waker upper...
I saw them in Sitka about 40000ft. You'll just need to change the seanson to Fall, and the time to night.
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