Ayers Rock

Ayers Rock, FSX

Ayers Rock (or Uluru) Map is a large rock in the desert of Northern Territory, Australia. Start at the nearby Ayers Rock Airport (YAYE) Photo and depending on the weather the rock may be visible at heading 155. The surroundings are somewhat monotonous, however, you should enjoy the sight of the characteristic red sand. If you are in a small aircraft you may try to land on the rock.

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But that plane is no longer in service of Qantas
Qantas has outsourced to National Jet which I believe still flies the BAE-146/Avro badged as a Qantaslink flights. Last week I flew back from Alice Springs to Perth in a Boeing 717 and overflew the area between Ularu (formerly known as Ayers Rock) and Kata Juta (formerly known as The Olgas mountain range)....
What Aircraft is it?
Just flew over Ayers Rock with Cessna Caravan in FS2004. Looks nice. Flying over the rock with less than 5 meters of clearance (intentionally) it was just asking for a CFIT. :)
Try landing on Uluru
it is a bea 146
Be careful flying to far from it, the rock can "dissappear" making it hard to find your way back to Ayres rock airport without GPS
it isnt a bea its a BAE-146
I landed the cessna 172 on it, it was cool
it is BAE 146 that or an Avro RJ 100
I hate it when you find something cool that goes in spectacular places, Then someone els says they found it.
i found it too
if you increase the radius of something or other setting to full in your graphics setting the rock will not dissapear until it is over the horizon
i like landing there in a cessna grand caravan
and sitting on the edge looking into the distance :D
It really is one big freaking rock. Even in Flight Sim the scale just leaps out at you.
big rock :)

ive flown over it in a 747-400 (real life) when i was going to Singapore from Sydney
steep approach 4.5 to 6 degrees, autoland cat3, 4 turbofan engines, a lot of back-up hydraulic and electric systems, 35 knots crosswind demostrated,
autothrottle, FADEC, need short-runway for landing, low approach speeds. It has a big drawback...The fuel consumption is 2000 kgr/hr (118 max pax RJ-100) while in A320 fuel consumption is 2200 kgr/hr (168 pax). Also in RJ you must buy spare parts for four engines while in Airnus for two.
You can get that plane from simviation just search BAE its freeware too
You can get that plane from simviation just search BAE its freeware too i have the plane
Just landed on ayers rock in a Cessna 182! wondering is it possible to do it in real life?
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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