Barnstorming, FSX

This is a FS2004 only tour (you cannot fly through the barn in FSX).

Barnstorming was a form of entertainment where stunt pilots would perform tricks with airplanes. In this flight you'll do barnstorming by flying through a barn.

Choose the Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny" aircraft which typically was used for these shows. Takeoff from Edgefield County Airport (6J6) in South Carolina, United States. Locate the barn west of the airport (south of the water tank) and see if you can fly through it. The barn has crowd stands and is lighted a dark. Increase the difficulty by applying crosswind or real-world weather. For more excitement you may consider a supersonic aircraft :-)

If you'd like this flight, here is some additional ones (though they are not that difficult): Hangars at Moffett Federal AFLD (KNUQ), Grande Arche in Paris (N48* 53.61' E2* 14.44'), Gateway Arch in St. Louis (N38* 38.03' W90* 11.22'), and of course the various bridges.