Barnstorming, FSX

This is a FS2004 only tour (you cannot fly through the barn in FSX).

Barnstorming was a form of entertainment where stunt pilots would perform tricks with airplanes. In this flight you'll do barnstorming by flying through a barn.

Choose the Curtiss JN-4D "Jenny" aircraft which typically was used for these shows. Takeoff from Edgefield County Airport (6J6) in South Carolina, United States. Locate the barn west of the airport (south of the water tank) and see if you can fly through it. The barn has crowd stands and is lighted a dark. Increase the difficulty by applying crosswind or real-world weather. For more excitement you may consider a supersonic aircraft :-)

If you'd like this flight, here is some additional ones (though they are not that difficult): Hangars at Moffett Federal AFLD (KNUQ), Grande Arche in Paris (N48* 53.61' E2* 14.44'), Gateway Arch in St. Louis (N38* 38.03' W90* 11.22'), and of course the various bridges.


Moffett Federal AFLD will work in FSX. This airport has two hangars that are a few hundered yards long. For Fun take an Extra 300s and fly through one.
(WATCH OUT: Doors are just wide enough for an Extra 300s to fit through, see how fast you can push it before you clip one of your wings....or more...)
You can fly through the default barn in FSX if you turn crash detection off but then...what's the fun?
you can fly throught them in FSX, its a bonus objective in Midwest fly-in
the barn in FSX is northwets of KCLE.
lol im gonna try this with an F-18!
Ive flown through barns in FSX with crash detection on, I know cause I've also crashed trying. The first barnstorming badge i got was for flying through them till learned all you have to do is fly close to them.
With FSX Acceleration, at KEDW there is a hangar near the tower that is good fun to fly through. you can do it easily with Crash Detection on at 200KIAS.
i taxied through that barn and got th award anyway
i love doing this in different biplanes such as camels stearmans and jennys cubs are fun to fly in barns to
In the FSX mission Midwest Fly-In, you will get a reward for barnstorming through all the four barns in the mission.
watch out for the chickens in the barn...and I though jet fuel stinks!
Thanks for telling me.
Im really a pilot and I flew trough this in a F-18
Also I was a tester for the russian plane expirement
you get a reward if you do this on midwest fly in
lol i saw some chickens
lol i saw your mom
you can do it in FSX it just depends on your realism settings
your cuz√£o

There is some Barnstrorming scenery for FSX at flightsim.com and you can fly through it like you can do in FS 2004!!!
There is some barn storming scenery for FSX at flightsim.com. With it you can fly through the barn like you can do in FS 2004
There is a Barnstorming scenery for FSX. With this you can fly through a barn like you can do in FS9! It is on flightsim.com
I dont have that plane

i went throught the barn then crashed on midwest flyin
You can fly through a number of the hangars at Edwards AFB in FSX - don't do what I did though and pick one that has it's back door closed ;-)
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
ROBLOX this is the 5th time! You better not try anything dumb...

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