Cape Peninsula

Cape Peninsula, FSX

Cape Peninsula Map is a mountainous area close to Cape Town in the southwestern part of South Africa.

Fly around the peninsula and watch the North Atlantic sunset on this tour. Apply the "fair weather" theme, set date to 1 February (summer) and time to 18:35 local. Pick the Cessna 172 and takeoff from Cape Town (FACT). Climb to 1000 ft and fly about heading 317 until reaching the coast where the mountains appears on your left side. You will now see the famous Robben Island (VOR 117.6/NDB 310.5) where Nelson Mandela once was held in prison. Follow the coast south to the southernmost Cape Point (NDB 294) and return to Cape Town following the opposite coast of the peninsula.


Be sure to download the excellent mesh and scenery for this tour. Search for South African scenery or Aeroworx on Avsim. you won't be disappointed.
I live here. It's the most beautiful place in the world.
Also highly reccomended is the Aeroworx "Small Airports of South Africa" freeware addon that adds many of the smaller airports in the area. home.telkomsa.net/aeroworx/curscen.html
Try nmgtrading.co.za for the best scenery of South Africa on FSX.
NMG Trading scenery not SP2 compatible for FSX, very hard on the frame rates
simply amazing
How can you see the "north atlantic sunset" when flying around in south africa???
This was very nice. I made a touch and go at the airport in route and a soft feild landing on the island itself. The dusk sky is very nice to look at, hope to go here in person some day.
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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