Channel Islands of California

Channel Islands of California, FSX

The Channel Islands of California Map are eight mountainous islands off the coast of the Los Angeles area in California, United States (see map). Four of the islands have airports:

Taxi flight LAX - Catalina

It's afternoon and a passenger has just arrived at Los Angeles International Airport (KLAX), waiting for a taxi flight home to Avalon, Santa Catalina Island, via Catalina Airport (KAVX).

Setup: Select the Beechcraft Baron 58, set location to KLAX, and time to dusk.

VFR: After takeoff turn heading 167° and proceed direct to the island (VOR 111.4 inbound).
IFR: File a direct flight plan KLAX-KAVX. Right after takeoff you may choose one of the approaches VOR/DME or GPS-B or VOR or GPS-A.

KAVX has a 3000' long runway at 1600' elevation.

Scheduled floatplane flight Long Beach - Avalon Bay

It's a early sunny morning and a small group of tourists are waiting at the Long Beach harbor for the scheduled floatplane flight to Avalon Bay, Santa Catalina Island.

Setup: Select the Cessna C208 Caravan Amphibian, set location to Long Beach (KLGB), weather theme to Clear skies, and season/time to Summer Dawn.

Takeoff from KLGB and turn southwest. Locate the white dome and the Queen Mary ship Map in the harbor and land next to the ship. Now takeoff and head south for the Avalor Bay (L11) Map. Land next to the Avalon Casino (the round building).

Helicopter flights

Make one of the helicopter flights operated by Island Express. See their website for additional informations.

Scenery add-ons

Area NA38 from Global Terrain Mesh adds 70m mesh for the entire Los Angeles area including the Channel Islands.

MegaScenery Southern California by PC Aviator.


A good tour would be San Simeon in California.
get a boat. then, exit long beach harbor and head for avalon!!!
I landed on KAVX with an F-18 from 25,000 (yes twenty five thousand) ft right over the runway using a series of loops, corkscrews, full flaps, and gear ready
i like that rivers in the mountens
The home of Karana- Island of the Blue Dolphins
I tried landing a CRJ-700 on Catalina Island airport :P. And I was able to did it, I came in almost near stall speed, touched the runway, applied the brakes, spoilers and reverse thrusters. I came to a complete some with only 50 meters left of runway xD. I think in real world it would be impossible, though. And the planes was not heavy, almost no fuel and passengers lol. But it's a nice flight on a Cessna ;).
Sorry for the mistakes up there :P. It's I was able to do it - the plane was not heavy. Btw, I mean a flight from KLAX to Catalina.
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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