Crater Lake

Crater Lake, FSX

Crater Lake, Map Oregon, USA, is the deepest lake in the country. It is contained in a crater with a small island, and it has a depth of nearly 2000 ft.

Takeoff from Beaver Marsh State (2S2) and fly heading 210 for about 15 nm. Climb to at least 7000 ft.

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Also see Meteor Crater.


Excellent! I made the journey flying a Scout Amphibian (from RealAir) and I struggled to climb and eventually land in the lake!But the result is rewarding... :-)
Was here in July once and it was snowing - awesome! I had a coiple of bags of potato chips on the back seat of the car and due to the altitude, one of them exploded!!
Crater Lake is amazing, I have been there and must say this is a great recreation!
i farted there
And the intense blue of the water is incredible. There is no other place like it on earth. I've been there several times in real life and it is certainly one of those rare treasures.
I crapped in Carter Lake
I've remembered in FSX I flew to Crater Lake in a Beechcraft Baron and the lake was beautiful.
That was a nice easy flight. I made it in a Mooney Bravo. I've been there in person as a kid so it was nice to return. The direction were perfect.
I landed on wizard island in a bell

you arent allowed to land in/on the lake and you the one who "crapped in crater lake" not really funny, Crater lake is a beautiful and should be preserved.You need to be shot.
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