Aircraft carrier in default scenery

Aircraft carrier in default scenery, FSX

Also see my guide to aircraft carriers in Flight Simulator.


There is at least three kind of carriers in the default scenery of FSX. I can't say for sure if they exist if you use other than the Professional version with the Acceleration pack of FSX.

USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63)

The one from FS2004 (see below) is also present in FSX at the same location. The carrier is low-detailed, static, with no support for launch and recovery.

Static carriers

In FSX a new high-detailed static carrier has been placed at 5 US harbours. The carriers have no support for launch and recovery. You can distinguish these from the AI carriers by the aircrafts on the deck of the static carriers. They can be found at these locations:

AI carriers

The AI carriers are moving and follow defined schedules just like the AI aircrafts. The carriers have working Fresnel lens and lighted landing deck. Moreover they support launch and recovery if you use the aircrafts from the Acceleration pack.

There is four carrier routes in FSX, each having an ordinary and reverse schedule. You can see the schedules below and download the routes as FSX flightplans.

US east coastNaval Station NorfolkTue 07:35zNaval Station NorfolkWed 05:24zDownload
Naval Station NorfolkFri 19:35zNaval Station NorfolkSat 17:24
Hawaiian islandsPearl HarborTue 14:40zPearl HarborFri 02:56zDownload
Pearl HarborMon 02:40zPearl HarborMon 14:56z
US west coastSan Francisco BaySun 00:38zNaval Air Station North IslandSun 18:18zDownload
Naval Air Station North IslandWed 12:38zSan Francisco BayThu 06:18z
US west coastSan Francisco BayTue 02:11zNaval Station EverettWed 13:07zDownload
Naval Station EverettFri 14:11zSan Francisco BaySat 01:07z

Remember to set a high traffic desity of ships.

Remember that times are GMT and that weekdays in FS is selected in local time. E.g. on Monday 02:40 GMT at Hawaii it's still Sunday local, so Sunday is selected in FS.


There is a single aircraft carrier in the default scenery of FS2004, namely the USS Kitty Hawk (CV-63). The carrier has no navigational aids and no functionality of catapult and arrestor cables.

To reach the carrier takeoff from San Francisco Airport (KSFO) and head west. After reaching the ocean you'll be able to locate the carrier. Alternatively from KSFO fly VOR 115.80 outbound for 13.5 nm on radial 288.

The angled runway of the deck is at heading 064 while the carrier movement is at heading 074.