Egyptian pyramids

Egyptian pyramids, FSX

On this tours you will see some of the Egyptian pyramids outside Cairo. Depart from Cairo (HECA) and initially fly heading 240. You will now pass the city of Cairo, including some mosques, and then cross the Nile. Soon you will reach the famous Pyramids of Giza Map which e.g. include the Great Pyramid and the Great Sphinx. Looking south from Giza you will see other minor pyramids. All the pyramids are also a great sight at night.

If you like pyramids you may also visit the Teotihuacan pyramid in Mexico.


(1) FSX: There are interesting buildings between the Giza Pyramids and Cairo Int'l, one with a minaret, I can't put a name on. (2) A nearer airport for small and medium planes is HEEM Giza.
get in a piper cub and fly EXTREMELY low near the pyramids: they are all levetating off the ground...
this will help me alot in my history project thanks
I just used this as a snapshot ingame for my world history project
Amazing what those pepole built 1000`s of years ago it is still there!! I`m going to take this tour very soon, I guess in a baron
Where is it? I have been heading...the 240 thing(like you wrote) and I have been flying for over 160miles...(via that thing where you click on View flight anilist when you press the exit button) and I haven't seem them yet...Help?
The Egyptain Pyrmaids were built in 2570 BC. It was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years from 2570 BC to 1300 AD
The site is nicely detailed and looks very authentic. Oh, and keep your eyes open as you fly over the city on your way to the pyramids as I thought I spotted other distinctive Egyptian landmarks.
ive landed right next to them there amazing the graphics are mega add me war152
i now most people wont like to do it but land near them and get closer they really are cool on the ground also u can get some call snapshots pree v to do this
I'm going to go find them now :D Beaver DHC2 :D
I just found out change your default video settings, crank em up, or else you will fly the 240 and see nothing because there is no detail.
One way is to take a copter,to get down "low" -and LAND at the foot. If you have trouble finding something,remember; just go to the "map" setting [in "world"]and enter and click in the latitude and longitude and the correct altitude there of the sphynix,or pyramid.You can, of course, find these,on the web.Have a safe fun flight,people!!--X
ive been there in fsx.But theres a bug. when you land near any pyramid it looks like the pyramids are floating in the air
It is so cool. i have flown there with the ultralight.
But why do you go right through them and not crash or climb up them

Assuming I haven't installed some Cairo add-on scenery, I can safely claim that it's a nice tour at night. The pyramids are well lit by spotlights so they're clearly visible for miles away. Besides, to get there you fly over Cairo anyway, and you might as well enjoy the nighttime lights of the city streets while you're at it.
Fixing to fly and the hovering off the ground is just a bug with FSX and why you dont climb up them is cuz this is a simulator not the real thing and you dont crash cuz you have realism turned down turn it up and fly into it
Actually, the Pyramids were built in 2650 BC by 100 000 men (NEVER SLAVES!) for 20 years
i just saw transformers 2 and the pyramids are in it
was transformers 2 good?
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Cairo airport is one of the best to take off from.
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