Faroe Islands

Faroe Islands, FSX

The Faroe Islands Map are an archipelago of 18 rugged and rocky islands in the North Atlantic Ocean, part of the Kingdom of Denmark. Flying at the islands is difficult because of the weather conditions, the mountainous terrain, and the small airport.

Vagar Airport

Vagar Airport (EKVG) Photo is the only airport on the islands. The airport was build by the British military during World War II but serves today as a civilian airport. Beyond the airport there is 7 heliports on the islands, however, none of them are present in the standard scenery.

The runway dimensions are 4100x100 ft which is pretty short for e.g. the Boeing 737s that once was used for the scheduled traffic between the airport and Denmark. In the real-world the runway has transverse grooves to improve the braking action. Furthermore there is (also in Flight Simulator) special exit ramps at both runway ends if you run out of runway. The AIP has the following comment on these ramps: "Damage to aircraft using the areas may be expected." Finally the AIP cautions that "moderate to servere turbulence may be encountered". In fact you'll often find a severe crosswind at this airport when flying with real-world weather.

Vagar has a LLZ/DME approach for each runway with LLZ course and runway centre line offset by 2° (rwy 31) and 14° (rwy 13). Download charts and airport information.

Scenery add-ons

Faroe Islands mesh and scenery by Ryan Andersen and Peter H. Poulsen (FSX) includes LOD11 mesh, corrected coastlines, landclasses, towns, helipads, ports etc. for the islands. Furthermore the add-on has improvements for the airport. It is very important to install this add-on because the standard terrain mesh and coastlines are very inaccurate.

Vagar Airport by Aero Files (FSX) is a photoreal payware add-on for the airport.



International flights

The route to Copenhagen, Denmark, is frequently flown because of the relations to Denmark. Other destinations could be Iceland, Norway, and the United Kingdom. Use the BAe 146 or the build-in Boeing 737 for the flights.

Sightseeing tour

Choose the Cessna 172 or a helicopter and takeoff from Vagar. Explore the various islands by VFR. Return to Vagar or land at one of the many heliports if you're in a helicopter (require add-on).

Low-visibility and crosswind approaches

My favorite airport of practising instrument approaches with low-visibility and crosswind is definitely Vagar because of the tough weather conditions and the short runway.