Fireworks, FSX

Like in real-life some situations in Flight Simulator are celebrated with fireworks. The fireworks are animated and with sound effects. The following is a complete list of fireworks in FSX.

New Year

New Year is celebrated with fireworks at the following major world cities on January 1 from 00:00 and 20 minutes ahead: Atlanta, Dallas, Hong Kong, Las Vegas, London, New York, Paris, Sydney, Tokyo, and Washington D.C.

Independence Day

The 4th of July is the US national holiday, Independence Day, and is celerbrated with fireworks at the following US locations from 22:00 and 20 minutes ahead: Atlanta, Dallas, Mount Rushmore National Memorial, New York, Seattle (3 places), and Washington D.C.

Bastille Day

The 14th of July is the French national holiday, Bastille Day, and is celebrated with fireworks in the capital, Paris, from 22:00 and 20 minutes ahead.

Las Vegas

There is fireworks at Las Vegas, USA, every day from 22:00 and 20 minutes ahead.

Hong Kong

There is fireworks at Hong Kong, China, every January 24 from 00:00 and 20 minutes ahead. Perhaps this is due to the Chinese New Year on January 24, 2001.


For you aussies out there, theres a download on avsim.net for Fireworks on Australia Day! yew, go get it.. provides some nice shots in the Qantas 737
A really cool looking thing to do is to open any aircraft .cfg and change the effect of the smoke system on the aircraft to any of the FS effects like fireworks! :)
go to syney at new year in a maule orion !!!! please visit www.wishgames.tk
Seattle gets fireworks on the Fourth from Elliott Bay, the Space Needle and Lake Union after 10 PM/2200 Hours. Thanks for the site & tips!
Look at : Flight Simulator 9/Effects/texture/fx_fw1.bmp...
A strange firework !
Set time to 9/11/2001...and fly over Manhatten. The 2 blue lights will be where the WTC was. It's pretty cool for screenshots. I got an amazing one of a United Boening 747 flying between them.
make sure that you have the special effects bar set all the way to the right.
The one on January 24 in Hong Kong will be for Chinese New Year
woot chinese new year (24th) is my birthday :)
i remember when i did that on new years eve and a firework broke my 747 windshield!!
i am tempted to give up i cant find one
lol. my uncle (fly's 747's) he just to of from an airport out in China and nearly got hit by a firework! lol. (true story)
Can you downloade the fireworks?
the fireworks are grate
Fireworks are around the london eye at middnight on new years eve in fs2004.
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today is December 21, 2008
this is pretty cool

is it possible to fly through the fireworks and burn up your plane??????????????????????
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what is your favorite plane or helicopter in flight simulator x
Mine is the float planes the cessnas and big jumbo jets.
I like the 747
Cessna 206H TURBO! eats fuel but flys like an angel :D

cessna caravan hands down
i like da f/ 18 a hornet and ze 747 al the way

dats cool pimp dawg in da hood rollin wit my twenty-fous
f/18 a hornet? lol
its f/a-18 hornet
hawkey[flight deck 5]
SWEET!!! I went to New York and saw them!!!
Took some sweet pics.
i like the f-16 from the abacus fight pilot add-on. flys great even with full ordnance. i should try it over seattle in fireworks!!!!!!
correction to last message: the word is fighter, not fight!!!!!!

i like flying from yssy to changi intl in singapore in the ultralite
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I flew over the runway one time and I saw a feul truck on fire

go to tahsites.weebly.com
In the Airbus A321, i have gone out of control by Tweaking the Trim Tabs, Full flaps, no engines, and speed brakes. Try it if you have Deluxe.
my dad created fsx
shiny thing go big boom :D

there is also an addon for this on flightsim.com
well fireworks its awesome
I like the Airbus A321
so did any of you go tahsites.weebly.com yet?

i am going to get the fsx deluxe upgrade with acceleration and i need to no how many planes ill have total
I tried it but it didn't work. Can You Show Me?
I have the fsx deluxe and they have more high detailed airports and Garmin G100 glass cockpit more than 24,000 airports more aircrafts than the normal version
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