Gibraltar, FSX

Gibraltar is a small territory of the United Kingdom located in South Spain. It is a peninsula with the famous Rock of Gibraltar.

Gibraltar Airport (LXGB) Map is used by the Royal Air Force and scheduled flights to the United Kingdom. The special of the airport is that the runway runs across the only passage between Gibraltar and Spain. This means that when no aircraft is landing or departing the runway is crossed by pedestrians and cars Photo. The runway is 6200 ft long with water at both thresholds.


Gibraltar has daily scheduled flights to several destinations of the United Kingdom, but also destinations to cities in Spain.

Make a short flight between the African and European continents crossing the Strait of Gibraltar (GMTN-LEMG).

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Gibraltar airspace

Restricted area of Gibraltar

Because of a political controversy between Spain and the United Kingdom of the sovereignty of Gibraltar, the airspace north and west of the peninsula is restricted as shown on the figure.

The area is permanent restricted FL300-GND to "all type of aircraft except for civil aircraft with approved instrument flight plan following established routes."

If you check the airspace in the map of FSX you'll see that the similar area is prohibited UNL-GND. This was the situation before the airspace was changed.