Grand Canyon

Grand Canyon, FSX

Grand Canyon in Arizona, United States, is one of the greatest sceneries in the simulator. Beyond the canyon you will also see two dams on this tour.

Takeoff from Page Mun (KPGA) and just one mile west of the airport you see the Glen Canyon Dam on the Colorado River. Now follow the river south west (it becomes narrower) and you will soon reach the Grand Canyon. Now follow the canyon and the Colorado River to the west for a long time. You can always locate the canyon on your GPS navigator in terrain mode. At some point the canyon ends and the river gets wider. When the river ends to the west you can see Hoover Dam where a southbounded smaller river starts. Continue to the west and you will soon reach Las Vegas where the tour ends.


Amazing tour, indeed! It's breathtaking, the way I did it, low and slow!
Jorge (Skymaster).
I didn't do it so slow... hehe! I did it upside down in an F-16!!! Crashed a while later.
freaking amazing!!!beutifull view
is sombody now the cordinats to Grand Canyon?
went there in real life, this tour brings back memories
i got bored... it is really long, but good!

Yes, I know the coordinates to Grand Canyon
I downloaded the Halo Warthog (tm) and saved a video of the Master Chief falling off the cliff...
N36 10'15 W113 13'14 , but don't tell anyone. This is one of the worlds best kept secrets.
I Cant Find It, I must Be A stupid But Face If I Cant Find The Big Canyon Grand I Should Just By A Samin And For Get My Ugly But Face

Airport ID is KGCN
Flying through the canyon is surprisingly tough. Some of the turns are really sharp, and you can hit sudden elevation changes if you're not careful.
I went in a f-16! low and fast! long but butiful.
People crashing while trying to follow the canyon is the chief reason stated for banning all non-emergency flights below the rim. The "southbound smaller river" below Hoover Dam is still the Colorado.
N36 10'15 W113 13'14, what is there??
the grand canyon

duh but whats the specific coordinate lead to -.-
hhtp:// i flew in the grand canyon in fsx with a skyhawk. It was really fun and exciting. iflew about half of the grand canyon with "detect crash" on. but too bad the colorado river is just a black line with ups and downs.
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The airport KRGA is closest to the grand Canyon
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