Greenland, FSX

Greenland Map is the world's largest island and mostly covered by ice. Flying on Greenland is about challenging the tough weather conditions and enjoying the atmosphere of the country with plenty of mountains, fjords, snow, ice, and the great inland ice. Moreover the airports are pretty challenging to fly. To increase the flight experience always fly with real-world weather.


There is 13 public aerodromes on the island, 11 on the west coast (mostly in the southern half) and 2 on the east coast. Futhermore the AIP lists 50 heliports though none of them are present in the standard scenery of FS2004 and FSX. The scenery add-on described elsewhere on this page adds some of these heliports and some boat docks. The following table lists the aerodromes:

Code Airport Location AIP Map and photo Approach
Rwy surface Rwy feet
BGAA Aasiaat Airport Aasiaat (Egedesminde) AIP
580 (500)
Asphalt 2600
BGBW Narsarsuaq Airport Narsarsuaq AIP
Map Photo
1500 (1490)
Concrete 6000
BGCO Nerlerit Inaat Airport Nerlerit Inaat (Constable Pynt) AIP
L circling
1000 (955)
Gravel 3200
BGGH Nuuk Airport Nuuk (Godthåb) AIP
Map Photo
630 (350)
Asphalt 3100
BGJN Ilulissat Airport Ilulissat (Jakobshavn) AIP
Map Photo
730 (640)
Asphalt 2800
BGKK Kulusuk Airport Kulusuk AIP
Map Photo
890 (780)
Gravel 4000
BGMQ Maniitsoq Airport Maniitsoq (Sukkertoppen) AIP
Map Photo
700 (610)
Asphalt 2600
BGPT Paamiut Airport (build 2007 - not present in FSX) Paamiut (Frederikshåb) AIP
660 (548)
Asphalt 2600
BGQQ Qaanaaq Airport Qaanaaq (Thule) AIP
1320 (1270)
Gravel 2900
BGSF Kangerlussuaq Airport Kangerlussuaq (Søndre Strømfjord) AIP
Map Photo
450 (350)
Asphalt 9200
BGSS Sisimiut Airport Sisimiut (Holsteinsborg) AIP
500 (470)
Asphalt 2600
BGTL Thule Air Base Thule airbase at Pituffik AIP
Map Photo
453 (250)
Asphalt 9900
BGUK Upernavik Airport Upernavik AIP
Map Photo
900 (500)
Asphalt 2600
BGUQ Uummannaq Airport Qaarsut at Uummannaq AIP
L+DME circling
1150 (860)
Gravel 2900

All airports have runway lighting and fueling station.


Extreme Southwestgreenland by Ulrik Motzfeldt
LOD 11 mesh and redesigned coastlines and lakes covering western Greenland between northern latitudes 62° and 65°
Extreme Westgreenland by Ulrik Motzfeldt
LOD 11 mesh and redesigned coastlines and lakes covering western Greenland between northern latitudes 65° and 68°


For domestic Air Greenland flights try this excellent freeware Dash 7 aircraft which is the prefered aircraft of Air Greenland for domestic flights. It comes in old Air Greenland livery, so update it with the new livery in high-resolution or low-resolution, and this livery update for both resolutions.

International flights

Fly one of the two Air Greenland international flights from Copenhagen, Denmark (about 4 hours):

Alternatively, for a shorter flight, start at Reykjavik, Iceland (BIRK) and fly to BGSF.

Domestic flights

Try one of the scheduled flights of Air Greenland. See the route map and flight schedule on their website. The only aeroplane type for domestic flights is the Dash 7. Flying with real-world weather is a must for these flights.

Make a taxi flight with passengers that have just arrived from abroad to BGSF, and going to the capital at BGGH (~1 hour flight). Choose the Learjet 45 or King Air 350. Download this flight plan. When given an approach by ATC request the "localizer 23 approach QT transition" and approach using this chart as if you were approaching via the NUTKA transition.

Also try the challenging flights in the scenery add-on described elsewhere on this page.

West coast tour

Make a (long) tour where you see the Greenlandic west coast by flying from south to north while paying a visit to all the airports you pass. Visit the airports in the same order as the table above. Below is comments to some of the airports on the tour.

Nuuk: The capital of Greenland, however, not one of the greatest airports.

Kangerlussuaq: The main civil airport of Greenland. The city is connected to the ocean by a long fjord. You may follow this fjord visually when arriving or departing to the airport.

Sisimiut: If flying in a larger plane or if the visibility is poor this airport approach may be very difficult due to mountains on both runway endings. However, I believe the scenery is erroneous, and that the approach is less difficult in real-world.

Qaarsut: The approach to Qaarsut airport is very beautiful. You will fly aside a mountain before you land.

Thule: Thule is an American military airbase which has an important strategic location.

Qaanaaq: The trees and runway on Qaanaaq airport are moving (this always happens when you get close to the poles). Qaanaaq is the northernmost airport in Greenland. If you, however, still want to go further north you may follow the strait between Greenland and Canada. At the north of Greenland you may fly east or fly to Alert airport in Canada, the world's northernmost permanent airport.