Hawaii, FSX

Hawaii Map is a group of islands and a state of the United States located in the Pacific Ocean. The standard scenery is detailed and there is plenty of airports.


A flight from the American west coast to the islands has a distance of at least 2000 nm. Choose Honolulu (PHNL) as the destination.

Explore the islands by your own or select the build-in "Hawaiian Vacation" flights.


Kilauea Map is an active vulcano the islands. In 1983 one of the eruptions started an you will only see the volcano in eruption in Flight Simulator on that year.

Change the time to a night of year 1983. Takeoff from Hilo Intl airport (PHTO), climb and maintain 5000 ft, and fly heading 204 for 23 nm. Return to PHTO on VOR 116.90.

Runway 26L approach

The runway 8R/26L Map at Honolulu is build offshore and is known as the Reef Runway. In order to avoid flying over the city and the mountains the LDA/DME approach to 26L is offset 45° from the runway. You get a good view on the city skyline while descending before you at last make the left turn that lines you up with the runway. Use this chart for the approach.


PHOG, hdg 130, clmb 10.000 ft

Charles Lindbergh's grave


that is so awesome
barbaro exelente.
I highly recommend the following Scenery package:


Kano, another airport, has a longer runway than Honolulu
really cool!! merci!
i want to see lava!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I thought the Kilauea Volcano was cool!I set my time for Dusk on Jan 3,1983.This time setting gives ya the chance to get a good pic of your plane next to the eruption.Maxdogit
Wow, I am going to see that later

what happens if you fly into the smoke? do your engines fail? does fs register it as a crash? please tell me what happens :)
if you fly too low into the smoke and lava it registers as a crash. BUT if you fly near the top of the lava column of death YOU ARE COMPLETELY FINE LOL. its funny. lava all around me and Im flyin in my ultralight.
that is wicked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I can't find the lava, or the volcano even. Where is it again? I never follow headings.
cant find it :(
I saw LAVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
bush is a facist
I still can't find it, although I did find a volcano in Hawaii.
Could someone please tell me where the volcano is?
is this in FSX
Once in FSX i was flying over one of the Hawaiian islands
the terrain i was flying over was flat but then there was
this small hole that went Deeeep in the ground

how do know where your going using "heading" cause i dont know how to use it
"heading" refers to the number of the direction you are going on the compass. 0/360 is north, 180 south, 90 east, et cetera. you could fly a jet and just enter the heading into the autopilot and have it fly for you. Fly the training lessons (the real ones, not the missions) found in the learning center under the "lessons" tab.
I Went There in Fsx Witout a Gps or The Map/
lol i flew into it
did you see the hotel looking building by it.

does this work in FS2004, i not found it yet
This works in FS8, FS9, and FSX. Just set the right date, and time to see the eruption!
AMAZING!!!! put it on 3rd Jan 1983, and night time, then just fly 204ยบ,, you should see an eruption, then just go to that, that's what i did
it doesnt matter what time of day ou do it, as long as its in 1983, i just did a night one and a day one on the 3rd of Jan, and i saw the eruption both times
is it on the island u take off from?
Volcano was much cooler than I expected. What I mean by that is my outside temp gauge read 10 deg C. when I flew thru the lava plume. But really, it is a must see.

its awsome

Is it at the highest part of the big island? If it is, it's not there HELP PLEASE!!!!!!!!!
didn't work for me =(


WTF!? What's wrong with the comments?

This volcano is awesome.
It dosn't work for me

unrealistic, but still very cool. try land a R-22 in the crater!
its cool, but I dont think the vulcano looks very good ;p
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