Highway strips

Highway strips, FSX

A special kind of runway is a "highway strip".Photo This is a registered part of a highway that may be temporarily used for aircraft landings and takeoffs.

In Flight Simulator you can find plenty of them, primary in the Middle East. They're registered as airports containing only the runway, and the airport code always start with Z.

Due to inaccurate data sources not all highway strips are connected to the road net in the scenery. However, the following strips are all connected in the default scenery of FSX:

Z11DRotimojoki Highway StripFinland
Z11EVuojarvi Highway Strip
Z11FAlavus Highway Strip
Z11GJarvitalo Highway Strip
Z14NShahabad Highway StripIran
Z14PShahrokhi Highway Strip
Z14SDezful Highway Strip
Z17FAl Quwayrah Highway StripJordan
Z19MAl Abdaliyah Highway StripKuwait
Z26DQalibah Highway StripSaudi Arabia
Z26GAl Wariah SE Highway Strip
Z26KAl Bir Highway Strip