Highway strips

Highway strips, FSX

A special kind of runway is a "highway strip".Photo This is a registered part of a highway that may be temporarily used for aircraft landings and takeoffs.

In Flight Simulator you can find plenty of them, primary in the Middle East. They're registered as airports containing only the runway, and the airport code always start with Z.

Due to inaccurate data sources not all highway strips are connected to the road net in the scenery. However, the following strips are all connected in the default scenery of FSX:

Z11DRotimojoki Highway StripFinland
Z11EVuojarvi Highway Strip
Z11FAlavus Highway Strip
Z11GJarvitalo Highway Strip
Z14NShahabad Highway StripIran
Z14PShahrokhi Highway Strip
Z14SDezful Highway Strip
Z17FAl Quwayrah Highway StripJordan
Z19MAl Abdaliyah Highway StripKuwait
Z26DQalibah Highway StripSaudi Arabia
Z26GAl Wariah SE Highway Strip
Z26KAl Bir Highway Strip


i can just imagine driving down a highway, minding your business, when you see a cessna in your rear view mirror! lol
That would be funny
That would make me want to Step on the gas:D
It's really fun flying into those highway strips with f-18s
haha, just imagine driving in your brand new car when you adjust the side mirrors and see a bunch of F-22's not cars, F-22's taking off or even just driving along lol
haha i live nex to Alavus Highway Strip. one time a Cessna 172 do an emergency but it's only time whne somebody aldn at here.
i cant emagine driving in a highway when a a380 nose is right next to my back window lol
I think that now most planes need to have a horn, so they can land on highways and warn the traffic :P.
When i flyed there i say the northen lights
I Drive With The Cars In A Car I Got
Its Awsome
once a cessna had to make an emergency landing on a highway, not a strip, and the propeller sliced though the side of a car and hit a person. it cut through her leg and had to get major operations. she wasnt able to walk for almost 2 years... :/ so i would probably hit the gas if i saw a plane landing next to me...
Hell if I saw a saw a plane landing next to me I'd crawl to the other side of the car and jump out the door!
Route 40 in southern Argentina has half a dozen highway strips!
my grandma was driveing in the middle of nowhere one time a apache pulled up beside her then pulled in front of her wobbled and took off this was all within 5 to 10 feet of the ground and she wet her pants
i also live near a highway srip in finland, havent seen any planes landing there.
When the Eisenhower Interstate Act was passed in the US it originally called for one out of every five miles to be straight and clear of bridges to act as emergency runways in the event of war.
I know there are several highway strips in Sweden. I'll have to check 'em out in FS to see if they're there.
anybody seen the film where an tri star lands on the highway on top of a car,and just misses an old granny?
Imagine a A380,747, Antonov 225, C5 galaxy, globemaster III, starlifter cargo jet and C-130 landing all at once. : D LOL

I Think I Actully saw one in NYC
I was driving down the road at one of these strips and really pooped my pants when a Piper Cherokee landed behind me and landed and i pooped because it was right behind me please no mind my grammer my english is rusty but poop is right and my panties are still soiled.
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