Hong Kong

Hong Kong, FSX

Hong Kong Map is a financial region of China and was a British colony until 1997. The city is surrounded by water and mountains and has 4 buildings in the top 15 list of tallest skyscrapers.

Takeoff from Hong Kong Intl (VHHH) in a small plane and follow the road and the three bridges east to the city centre. Enter the Victoria Harbour and enjoy the view of the skyline. Finally land at the closed Hong Kong Intl (old) (VHHX).

See the page about the old Kai Tak airport (VHHX) with the famous Checkerboard Approach.


You even could make it a challanging experience, starting with a B747 at Macao, heading for Stonecutters NDB and then to land without Checkerboard and visual path. If you ar quick enough you could try to tune in NDB 377 to indicate the right turn.
Always looking for additions ....my mates said this is an A 1..........better then VOZ ?
any one know where the great wall is?
hong kong intl is my favorite place to take of in the evening with a boeing 747, and there
Try to go to the city with helicopter by night !
i just got vhhx old from fly tampa and it's got two heli pads across the river.
can i buy fsx in hongkong

Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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