Israel, FSX

This tour in Israel takes you from the Dead Sea at the Jordanian border in the east to Jerusalem, the capital city, and finally to the Mediterranean Sea in the west of the country.

Takeoff from I.Bar-Yehuda (LLMZ) which is located on the south west coast of the Dead Sea. The airport elevation is 1266 feet below sea level which makes it the lowest airport in Flight Simulator. The Dead Sea is about further 50 feet below the airport. Follow the sea to the north and turn straight west when the sea ends. You will soon reach Jerusalem at 2000-3000 feet above sea level. In the city centre you will see the Dome of the Rock, an old Islamic shrine (locate it by the yellow dome). From the dome head 307 degrees for 30 nm or track NDB 348.0 to Sde Dov (LLSD) Photo in Tel Aviv, which brings you back to sea level. The runway runs very close to the Mediterranean Sea.