Leaning Tower of Pisa

Leaning Tower of Pisa, FSX

The 55 m high Leaning Tower of Pisa, Italy, is world famous for its 5.5° leaning position.

From San Giusto (LIRP) fly heading 005 for 3 nm.

Also see Rome.


So where do I turn when I take off from the airport? (left or right) I also don't get the nm thing.
Take off from LIRP and turn to a heading of 05 degrees on your compass and travel for 3 nautical miles or 3.45 miles and you should see the LTofP.
you turn left about 20 degress for about 20 seconds

lol, imagine this, the leaning tower of pizza, it wud be a tower made of pizza lol

lol haha not funny

it's the leaning tower of PISA, not of Pizza!
it is 1.15 miles in a nm
can you land a helikoptr on t he leaning tower of pizza
why don't you try?
Oh I didnt find it too!
it is pronounced "PEE-suh"
Did they spray paint the pizzas grey? Cuz most pizzas have browninsh yellow crust.
also, the top dosent have any sauce aor pepperoni ,cheese or sausage!!!>:(
actually its IZZA PA in pig latin
The leaning tower of pizza is lean because it never eats. But even though its a pizza, it cant eat itself.
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i cant find it is it near the river???
so the name of the airport is LIRP?
no, thats the airport ID code
I've been there in FSX there is a stadium next to it.
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