London, FSX

London is the capital of the United Kingdom. The scenery contains many of the famous buildings of the city.

Takeoff from London City (EGLC) and follow the Thames west. You will cross the Tower Bridge. At about 6.5 nm from the airport you will see a great wheel beside the river in Central London. At the opposite side of the river you see the parliament, Palace of Westminster, with its clock tower, Big Ben. Behind is the Westminster Abbey. Shortly west of the parliament lies Buckingham Palace, the residence of the Queen. Finally fly west and land at the great Heathrow airport (EGLL).

London City Airport

London City Airport (EGLC) Photo is located not far from the city centre. Make the runway 10 approach that gives you a great view of the city before you land and a very short distance to high buildings on both sides shortly before touch-down. The ILS glide path is 5.5° which is pretty steep, and in fact earlier it was 7.5°. The types of aircrafts serving the airport are limited by the strict noise requirements due to the central location and the short runway.

Heathrow Airport

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World's busiest international airport.
Europe's busiest and world's third busiest airport with respect to passenger traffic.