Macau, FSX

Macau is a former Portuguese colony in China, located close to Hong Kong. The local airport, Macau International Airport (VMMC) Map Photo, has a special location. The terminal buildings are build on an existing island while the runway is build offshore. Consequently the 11050 ft long runway is connected with two bridges to the terminal buildings.

Even though both rwy 16 and 34 are in use some operations are made in tailwind:
"The preferential runway is rwy 34, within the limits of a wind intensity (actual and/or forecasted) of no more than 10 KT as tailwind component."

LOC/DME 16 approach

Try the runway LOC/DME 16 approach, e.g. in the Boeing 747. Establish on the localizer for rwy 16. At 2500 ft and 8.4 nm from the LOC/DME initiate the descent. Finally make a 54° visual left turn and line up with the runway (approx. 2 nm to the rwy thrshld). Taxi to the gate over one of the bridges.

For a short flight takeoff from runway 25R/L at Hong Kong Intl (VHHH) with a climbing right turn to 2500 ft intercepting NDB MH 287. Then establish on the localizer for the LOC/DME 16 approach.