Maldives, FSX

The Maldives Map is a republic south of India in the Indian Ocean, and a popular tourist destination. The country consists of 26 atolls that form 1192 islets (map).

The capital of the Maldives is Malé Map which is located on its own island. On an adjacent island to Male is the Malé International Airport Map which is the base for most international flights. The eastern side of the airport has a port for seaplanes. Both the city and airport of Malé is very well represented in FSX.


AIP and charts for the Maldives is available for free on this site.

Domestic airliners

The Twin Otters are seaplanes flying between the islands. Malé Airport has a seaport for the Twin Otters. Island Aviation Services operates scheduled flights between the 5 airports with runways.

Project Globe Twotter has made a DHC-6 300 for FS2004 in Maldivian Air Taxi livery.


Try one of the following flights:

Scheduled domestic flight in the Cessna C208B Grand Caravan from Malé (VRMM) to one of the other domestic airports.

Taxi flight in the de Havilland Beaver DHC2 from Malé (VRMM) to one of the tourist resort islands.

An international flights to Malé (VRMM) in the Boeings or Bombardiers.

A sightseeing tour at the Malé area in one of the small GA aircrafts.


VRMM is a very cool place, It's got some nice scenery
and the ocean is coool:D
the misson limited options requires u to safely land ur 737 with double engine failure to land at male or hanimaadhoo . heres a tip fly as high as possible before second engine fails do not go down to 10000 ft and choose to land at male so there is a higher possibility of succedding the mission . and another tip make sure that you put on everything that will slow the plane down as soon as you touch down at male

I never choose Male. I prefer Hanimaadhoo. It's easy to land a boeing there, you just need to come in slowly, tough the runway as soon as it starts, deploy the speedbrakes and hit the brakes. I'll stop far from the end ;).
I love VRMM. I have been here in real life, and many times on FS. It is a beautiful place, and easily one of my favourite airports!
great route - YSSY sydney to VRMM male or EGKK gatwick to VRMM male Maybe even FAJS johannesburg to VRMM male thanks for this
best regards
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