Meigs Field

Meigs Field, FSX

Meigs Field (KCGX) is not present in FSX.

Meigs Field (KCGX) Map Photo was an airport located on a man-made island just outside Chicago city centre and with an excellent view to the city skyline. It was closed in 2003 but is present in the latest simulator.

Until the 2004 version Meigs was the standard departure airport of all? Flight Simulator versions.

The runway is 3900 ft, however, the rwy 18 landing distance is only 3350 ft. Only traffic patterns over the lake are allowed.

The airport has the GPS Rwy 36 and VOR/DME-A approaches (charts). Try the last approach: Track VOR/DME 113.9 inbound on 298°. Start descending from 2000 ft at DME 20.0 nm. At DME 17.4 nm make a final visual approach to rwy 18 or rwy 36.