Meigs Field

Meigs Field, FSX

Meigs Field (KCGX) is not present in FSX.

Meigs Field (KCGX) Map Photo was an airport located on a man-made island just outside Chicago city centre and with an excellent view to the city skyline. It was closed in 2003 but is present in the latest simulator.

Until the 2004 version Meigs was the standard departure airport of all? Flight Simulator versions.

The runway is 3900 ft, however, the rwy 18 landing distance is only 3350 ft. Only traffic patterns over the lake are allowed.

The airport has the GPS Rwy 36 and VOR/DME-A approaches (charts). Try the last approach: Track VOR/DME 113.9 inbound on 298°. Start descending from 2000 ft at DME 20.0 nm. At DME 17.4 nm make a final visual approach to rwy 18 or rwy 36.


Meigs...she will always be my favorite airport in FS! I wrote many an editorial to the Chicago area newspapers asking the people to save the airport, and why...sadly, none of it mattered once Mayor Daily destroyed the modern marvel!
It's a shame that this airport has been destroyed. I had been my test site regarding the MS flight models. You may try to land the default B747 (it works fine).
I know...I used to love it in Midtown Madness! (Chicago edition). It was not destroyed--it was uninstalled (the program).
Wait, so what does it look like in FSX?

Like it does today?
Nope. FSX is up to date. Meigs is gone. The island is still there, but it's a barren wasteland.
I cannot believe that Daley destroyed Meigs behind everyone's back! What is this, a dictatorship?

Meigs was (and still is) my favorite airport. 9/11 changed the country; this is just one reminder.

Hopefully, someone will add Meigs back to FSX so that it can at least live on in Cyberland!
dude, it's an airport, who cares? steel, concrete, and asphalt cannot feel
when i started fs i loved taking of from meigs i didnt know about it closing
It's very sad that this great airport was knocked down and the reasons for this were ridiculous. Why not closing Midway since there you've got the planes which can really harm a Sears tower...
The boat people next to the the airport wanted it closed.
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no need to get it distroyed was a good airport i enjoyed landing there and doing air races in fs2002 online no offance but that mayor needs a kik up the arse ffs !!! :(
I also loved that airport!!. Come on! Closing the airport because of risk of a terrorist attack?!?! Duh! You have O'hare nearby, which happens to be one of the buisiest airports in the US, but no, let's close the cessna airport!!
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Best airport.
Meigs Field, May she REST IN PEACE. Loved by all pilots, She was my first flight too in the simulator world, and was what mostly inspired me to become a pilot. Meigs will be Missed. :-(
I was lucky enough to fly a real C172 out of Meigs in 1996. The wind shear in the lee of the downtown skyscrapers was really noticeable. An unforgettable experience. Very sad the airport is no longer. London City Airport is similar for anyone who misses this kind of thing.
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not fair what daily did but i still love meigs!!! :)and :D
Man, What the hell was he thinking? That a c172 is going to knock down a skyscraper! its the jets ya have to worry about
It really sucks what happened to meigs. :(
I wish it was still in fsx.
I also wish this was still in FSX. The Meigs Field scenery for FSX on FlightSim is bugged. You aircraft cashes if you get anywhere near it or start out at it.
they have the ability to change the simulator date, why didn't they leave it in the years 2003 and before? After 2003, they could show it barren, as it is now. This would have left it's history "intact", but I suspect it took up too much space, which could be used for other things since it's removal.
Well I live in Chicago, and travel Lake Shore Drive very frequently, I DID cry. On the night that that mobster shut it down everyone was like what are all of those construction lights doing at Meigs, The next morning the Sun Times printed an Aerial of that cocksuckers carved X's in the runway. I knew from that point that Meigs was history. No he had plans for that land A LONG TIME AGO, 9/11 was just a scapegoat to expedite his plans for a damn park. Chicago politics suck as do all politics. Were not even going to get on the fact that he erected these dumb paremeter gates around Midway where you cant even see the airfield anymore except for select dangerous and private spots. Even there airport police hawk you. My love for my city has really died because of Mayor freaking Daley.
in FSX justlike they said its barron, i have seen some freeware addons for it thoue. and if you fly to the island you can see airport buildings and i think the towers there to
Daley also said he closed it because the lease was getting to expensive. How much can a 3900 slab of concrete cost? Look at the highways, Daley you gonna close all of the highways too and make them parks?!? On top of it all the Chicago city was fined--33,000-- for closing an ILS airport without warning to FAA. Yes you're tax money was used to close Meigs. Yup politics are screwed.
not in fsx

You take that to the white house person who talked before the person who just talked
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next thing youll no that the usa gaverment will shut down all of the airports in the usa. if that happens flying will be damned but some day the usa citizens will team up on goverment. We will team up with everyone to go 2 Area 51 the secret will declared around the world if aliens do exist. The army will go balistick and go hunting for gearge w bush kill him for what he has done to the usa and lets hope that Obama will make everything back to normal and tell the world whats in area 51 it will be a terrist place. The world is already getting upside down. :(
how do you Track DMEs in FSX i cant find the AM radio can someone help

or NDBs

can you belive that when it was destroyed there was still planes on the ramp! they had to use a taxiway to take off, whoshuts an airport full of airplanes.
I flew my first traffic pattern at Meigs. I'm sad.
I loved Merril Meigs... I still remember in the late eighties the buzzing sound of my Commodore 64 and I was dreaming that those white lines on a lime green field was an aiport. So Long Meigs Field, we loved you!
I visited Meigs twice in the 90's....once in 1994 and once 1999. The main terminal looked a but run down ti appeared to be losing money so the 2003 closing came as no surprise. Here is a quote from press release by the Mayor's office:

"Meigs Field's annual losses of $3 million and $4 million a year have been subsidized by airlines using O'Hare and Midway international airports. The Mayor said the closure of Meigs, besides improving security, will provide "welcome financial relief to our cash-strapped airlines."

So there you go. That's the reality. It makes me very sad to see it gone but Mayor's office had to do the right thing to protect the taxpayer.
first flight of me

I have FS 2002 and befor that, I hade 98. I LOVE MEIGS FIELD. It sucks to have to be shut down. It does live on in Cyberland.

Im a future 172 pilot and I was gonig to fly to meigs and the other airports when i get my license. I'm 19. Oh well.

Someone should go to his house and carve big Xs in his driveway.
Someone should go to his house and carve big Xs in his driveway.

amen! amen! we should do that!

god, i hate chicago politics
I think they have freeware addon sennery somwhere on the internet
Great info!!
Im making a Meigs Reconstruction for FSX
there is an addon for meigs as well as the WTC...i had it at one point but lost it when I reformatted my PC. will setting your flightsim date back allow you to see Meigs?
Damn you Daley.
Help save Meigs Field - stop by and get a hat or t-shirt and give a minor donation. I received my hat very nice black hat. Stop by their website marked friends of meigs.org - www.friendsofmeigs.org

Please stop by the website. I did shame on Daily for not listening to the people of Chicago and the USA population. He should been booted from public office for acts of crime and destruction of Federal and Public property. At least some court and jail time.
- Craig S.
She is now a park, look at google earth images. There is now a new grass strip though it's like 1500feet. RIP meigs!
i can't belive this airport has gone. never saw it in real life but i always wanted to see it for real one day :(
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
I still remember my first flight in a Cessna 172. That was still in FS2002. Then I bought the FSX. And thought it was even mor realistic. NOOO It´s GONE.
I must have logged a thousand+ hours learning and practicing how to fly at Meigs in the default cessna. Back then there was no virtual cockpit, no ai traffic and a scary virtual flight instructor.
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