Moai, FSX

Moai are old stone statues on the coast of Easter Island/Isla de Pascua (Chile) Map in the South Pacific Ocean. The statues are difficult to locate from the air, so possible set "autogen density" to "none" in the display settings in order to remove trees from the landscape.

Takeoff from Mataveri (SCIP) in a small aircraft and follow the coast around the island at low speed and low altitude while watching for the statues. I have located at least 7 statues, e.g. at coordinate S27* 9.95' W109* 21.27'. See this map of where the statues are placed in the real-world.

You may increase the detail level of mesh of the island by installing area AU29 from this site.

The only airport on the island Mataveri International Airport (SCIP) Photo has a single 10800 feet long runway with ILS approach. The airport is served by Chilean LAN with destinations to the Chilean capital Santiago (SCEL) (2000 nm) and Papeete, French Polynesia (NTAA) (2300 nm) in Boeing 767-300, both flights ~5 hours duration. In fact there is no airport less than 1400 nm from the island. See airport charts.