Mont Saint-Michel

Mont Saint-Michel, FSX

Mont Saint-Michel (Mount Saint Michael) Map is a small island off the coast of Normandy, France, and home of an old abbey.

Depart from Granville (LFRF) and follow the coast to the south. The island with its abbey will soon be easy to spot.

The airspace surrounding the island is restricted at 0-3000 feet.


There are at least two addons for 2004: a free one from the Pas de Loire (spelling?) website and one from FranceVFR.
it's "Pays de la Loire"
The freeware one (stmichel2.zip by Pascal Dumat) seems hard to find. The link at Francesim.com is dead and it no longar appears on Pascal's own site. I downloaded a long time ago, and it is a beautiful piece of work featuring time-related tidal effects - water turning to sand flats. I suspect it was removed from free circulation and incorporated into the payware pack.

Im adding this site to my favorites!!! =D

I've visited St. Michael's Mount in England in real life. Mount Saint Michael's French sister castle
mont saint-michael looks like its from Harry Potter or somthin
Never seen it. Can I crash into it with my boing 737-800?
The adress above must be preceded with hotel-hotel-tango-papa-2points-2slashes... and then you 'll find the file you are looking for
Best regards
An unregistered french visitor
I think you mean Hotel Tango Tango Papa instead of Hotel Hotel Tango Papa.. Anyway, thefe doesn't exist anymore :-(
Yes, hotel tango tango papa Sorry ! But you 've understood ! The adress was right when I wrote this message... I'll see how to reach this scenery file...
Today feb 16,2009 : The Website is now available at hotel-tango-tango-papa--double point-slash-slash-pagesperso-orange.fr/p.dumat/
Circled it slowly in my JetRanger. It really does look pretty fantastic. Apparently, my special permit to fly within 50 feet of the place didn't extend to landing privileges, though. You crash if you just get close enough.
I've been there in real life lol
St. Michael's Mount in Cornwall, England is not there though, shame as I live nearby!
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