Mount Kilimanjaro

Mount Kilimanjaro, FSX

The 19,340 feet high Mount Kilimanjaro is the highest place in Africa. Start at Kilimanjaro Intl airport (HTKJ) and fly north east to the top of the mountain. Finally return to HTKJ or one of the other airports in the area.


i think it is a goog flight but it starts off a bit far away,well worth it though
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How do people breathe there?
Oh I see, this page is talking about the TOP of the mountain, I thought it was the airport! :)
Moshi would be a better starting place, in my opinion. It's on the other side and closer to the mountain.
dont be rude?
How do people breathe there? Its a logical question, the air must be really thin up there.
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You fail! Don't spam.

In other news, I tried flying to the top, and crashed. Guess that's why they call it Mt. Kill-man jaro
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nice site - thanks.
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