Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls, FSX

Niagara Falls Map is a set of waterfalls on the border between Ontario, Canada and New York, United States. In Flight Simulator the waterfalls are animated together with the Maid of the Mist boat and the Skylon Tower elevator.

Depart from the Canadian side at St. Catharines/Niagara District Airport (CYSN), climb to 3500 ft, and fly east until you reach the Niagara River. Follow the river to the south to the waterfalls. Then turn east and follow the river until you have Niagara Falls Airport (KIAG) on your left hand where you land.


The Canadian airspace of the falls is restricted up to 3500 ft. This is visible on both the VFR chart below and in FS. The US airspace of the falls is also restricted up to 3500 ft, and certain restrictions apply for aircrafts flying above 3500 ft. Find these restrictions here and download this scenery file that adds the restricted US airspace to FS.

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Visit the Victoria Falls in Africa for another waterfall.


i been there in real life, the falls are pretty spectacular

i used to go there all the time it is really nice
lol im gonna park a floatplane right before the falls and see what happens!
Just finished taking a Coast Guard helicopter down the face of the Horseshoe Falls, buzzing the Maid of the Mist, flying under the bridge and up the gorge. Great fun!
If you try to go over in a floatplane of FSX, it registers it as a crash before you go over!
I landed in the river and water-taxied to the base of the falls. The Maid-of-the-Mist circles about 75 feet above water level. Not as good as FS 2004 where you can sit at the base of the falls and have the boat circle you.
i live in niagara falls, and it looks just the same in real life than it does on FSX. you sould fly at night at see the lights under the falls
Hahahaha when i went to it i saw a boat fall down the waterfall i have a pic of it...its pretty cool and funny
Does anyone know how to paint the Niagara Falls Helicopters Limited?
ive been there in a f18
FS2004 has animated elevators that ride up and down the minolta tower. if your good you can fly to the radar antenna and see it 'slowly' rotates as well.
it looks very small
whats the latatude and longatude of niagra falls?
Haha! There is a house inside the waterfall!
The house is just a glitch. What it really is is a viewing balcony inside the falls. I have been in it once.
i cant find it

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