Norwegian fjords

Norwegian fjords , FSX

The Norwegian fjords are very beautiful and they exist in large numbers.

The 2nd and 3rd longest fjords in the world are:

Sognefjord (203 km): Takeoff from Haukasen (ENSG) and follow the fjord west.

Hardangerfjord (179 km): Takeoff from runway 9 at Bomoen AB (ENBM) and follow the low elevation path at about heading 140. You will reach the fjord which you may follow south-west.

Takeoff from Rosswoll airport (ENRA) and enjoy the view from the nearby city, Mo i Rana. The ILS approach also look pretty interesting.


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i am from Norway and its more beautiful in the real life! Try to search on Geiranger on Google!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Why don't you make a guide about flying around the mountains in Lofoten?
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