Oil platform

Oil platform, FSX

There is plenty of oil platforms placed at real-life locations in the scenery of Flight Simulator. The platforms have helipads so you can land on them in a helicopter, or you can just land beside them in a seaplane. Many platforms are equipped with navaids like NDB or DME which make them obvious for instrument flights.

There is two types of oil platforms. A single high-detailed animated oil rig is located in the North Sea at position N52° 12.02' E3° 29.21'.

The other type, less detailed, is found at the following locations.


N69° 33.29'W138° 58.90'

Gulf of Guinea

N5° 23.24'E4° 54.21'
N2° 23.82'W12° 29.89'

Gulf of Mexico (Mexico)

N21° 43.16'W89° 17.50'

Gulf of Papua

S8° 3.86'E144° 33.63'

North Sea and Norwegian Sea

N55° 28.14'E5° 7.99'
N56° 38.48'E3° 19.53'
N57° 6.63'E2° 50.68'
N58° 22.00'E1° 54.41'
N60° 29.47'E2° 49.50'
N61° 12.39'E1° 49.76'
N61° 12.86'E2° 16.33'
N61° 26.96'E2° 8.49'
N64° 16.25'E7° 11.98'
N65° 19.53'E7° 18.94'

Persian Gulf

N24° 30.50'E53° 42.13'
N24° 50.00'E53° 35.99'
N24° 53.75'E53° 42.74'


N27° 43.68'W97° 14.95'Texas
N28° 29.51'W95° 55.15'
N29° 18.52'W94° 48.41'
N28° 5.83'W90° 47.66'Louisiana
N28° 39.97'W89° 58.16'
N28° 40.45'W90° 9.46'
N28° 41.93'W91° 13.91'
N28° 45.76'W91° 24.25'
N28° 51.66'W91° 52.76'
N29° 5.60'W89° 45.50'
N29° 22.31'W91° 23.10'
N29° 22.90'W92° 59.20'
N29° 26.03'W93° 27.37'
N29° 31.12'W93° 17.00'
N30° 11.33'W87° 57.15'Alabama
N31° 56.92'W80° 40.98'Georgia/
South Carolina
N33° 30.74'W77° 36.50'North Carolina
N36° 19.15'W93° 55.27'Arkansas
N36° 54.31'W75° 42.78'Virginia


ive seen the one in texas but i havent seen any others
I Saw one of the coast of Rotterdam
Fly Over Devils Tower, Wyoming. There's supposed to be
Something cool there

In Free Flight, there is no way of finding the North Sea. It is not listed and we can not input lats and longs. Can you give us suggestions/references to get there, please? I'm a rookie, can you tell? :))
The one in the north sea is around 36 nm due west of Rotterdamn EHRD.
I have never seen such bad grammar in my whole life. Go back to school, the lot of you!
I have found the lower quality one whos name was gen_rig01 for the lowest. Did somes of you Know whats the name or code of the first one? In any case thanks
rookie dude when flying press alt then world then map. type coordinates there
i saw one where there was the longest airstrip
Do all of them have helipads or just the high-detail one?
Tango-25 is the high detail one there is a rescue misson to it i didnt know devils tower was in flight simulator
the second listing in north sea section is not a oil rig, its a little tiny tower.. spend almost hour flying to it for nothing
I tried fly on them... There are a lot of them wich doesn´t exist.

Anyways.. I did not found any NDB on them.
In FSX anyway, you CAN input lats and longs into the GPS as a waypoint. You make a flight plan, add a waypoint and then change that waypoints lat/long.
easyest thing is to just type the lat&lon in the map and your there.

where are they
i dont care !!!

You can see one easily by playing the oilrig rescue mission.
the mission where it explodes is cool
is this for fs2004
no it's for FSX
I don't think the high detail one is in the normal FSX, I think it's only in Deluxe
Enter GFC to the GPS and will find one in the Norwegian Sea (Gullfaks)
The one in Arkansas doesn't exist. Makes sense since it isn't touching water.
LOL at the Arkansas listing :)
In North Carolina fly direct to intersection LIMON, you can type it on your GPS.
So, I've been messing around with the Oil Rig off the coast of Alabama (near Mobile) in the Nemeth Designs AS-350 and I've noticed that it's gotta pretty convenient location for a quick hop or two out there.
I tried finding some but I could only find the carrier off the coast os San Fransisco
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