Old Faithful Geyser

Old Faithful Geyser, FSX

The Old Faithful Geyser is located in Yellowstone National Park, United States. Remark that the geyser is not in eruption all the time.

Takeoff from Yellowstone (KWYS) and fly heading 123 for 19 nm and you will reach the geyser. Return to KWYS by tracking NDB 338.0.


Georender U.S. Parks Series Yellowstone for FS9 and FSX.


no as exciting as the Volcano in Hawaii ;)
that does not look like old faithful ;)
N44'27'37 W110'49'35
some of the smokestacks emit smoke.
wow so small
it looks like smoke to me.could be a steam train.
it looks like a nuclear missile heading towards the ground cos its so small!!! it looks like a bonfire in a backyard as well....

You need to get up close to it to see it at its best. Fly a chopper in and land next to it...you get the steam first, then the water spout, before it fades away then erupts again a couple of minutes later.
You can see it better if you land next to it and if you set you graphics to a good level
edit your planes so that when ever they land it will show the geyser or like what i did fireworks
soooo small, though i woulod rather see the volcno erupt.
ive seen it in real and its better in reallife because its way bigger
can't find it
ive been to it its not that big
ive been there in fsx. its spectacular but to bad it isnt more realistic

what times does it go off?

I've just flown through it in the R22, nice one!
mabye you cant see old faithfull geyser because in flight simulator it only shows terrain but not the whole geyser
These directions are terrible...coords in the 3rd comment are accurate, but geyser is more like 18nm away. Flying at 305 degrees from the NDB at the airport will get you there. Look for power lines right before you see it...it's near US-20.
^^^Actually that's 125 degrees--the reciprocal.
What time does the volcano in hawaii erupt and were is it????
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