Osaka, FSX

Osaka International Airport (RJOO) Map Photo, also known as Itami Airport, is located in the Kansai region of Japan. While the two other major airports in the region, Kansai International and Kobe, are located on artifical islands, Osaka is located in the middle of a large residential area. Consequently Osaka has some spectacular procedures in order to reduce noise.

First download charts for Osaka and then try an arrival and departure as described below.


Make one of the approaches to runway 32L/R. Then make a missed approach (important) and follow the entire missed approach procedure. As you'll see this procedure is one of the more difficult one.

Runway 14L/R has only circling approaches. In fact this circling approach has its own go-around procedure!


Osaka has many spectacular SIDs (standard instrument departure). Takeoff from runway 32L/R and proceed with the East Reversal Two Departure after the following noise abatement procedure:

"After takeoff, execute continuous left climbing turn so as to pass over near OW NDB and keep flight track within the area defined by Chugoku Express Way at the north end, ponds of Zuga and Koya at the south end, and Muko River at the west end until crossing OWE VOR/DME R-270, then proceed via SID."