Panama Canal

Panama Canal, FSX

The Panama Canal is a 82 km long man-made canal that connects the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans in Panama, Central America.

Takeoff from runway 18 at Howard AFB (MPHO) and fly runway heading to the coast of the Pacific Ocean. Follow the coast to the east and enter the canal when reaching Panama City. Follow the canal to you reach the Atlantic Ocean. On your way you will see three canal locks.


where can I optain this scenery and airport for fs9
to bad the locks aren't landable

just write on google panama canal scenery its easy to find
I land a seaplane inside the lock and i was able to take of and fly up again. Try to do so but diagonal insides. That is the only way to do it (i think).
You can find scenery with re-rendering of the locks at www.virtual-aviation.info/FIR/Panama/ by looking in the downloads section
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