Ranger Creek

Ranger Creek, FSX

Ranger Creek State Airport (21W) Map in Greenwater, Washington, USA, is a very spectacular airport. It is located in a curved valley at 2700' close to Mount Rainier and the entire 2900' runway is surrounded by trees. The airport has the following remark: "Watch for pedestrians, vehicles, and animals on runway" :-) See airport description and photo and pilot information.

Unfortunately the trees surrounding the runway is not that well represented in the standard scenery which makes the airport easier than in the real-world. The payware add-on Georender1 from Lago (for FS2002/FS2004) enhances the airport scenery (as on the tour picture).


theres animals there?
i think there is i haven't tried there yet
I smell like a wet donkey in October on a gloomy day. because i cant find it.
where are they???????????

this is not fs200 and a fs2002 picture this is a fsx picture !!
it isn't, just look at the cloud and ground textures. looks very much like FS2004 with some texture mods to me. also this paint scheme of the C172SP isn't included in FSX anymore.
Just went in there, very hairy steep aproach from the NW! Love to see it for real!
usually this place is very foggy and u may not find it in vfr fly a ifr
I flew a teardrop into 15 in July 2001 and the asphalt was in good shape. Off the runway watch for rocks and signs. Used 33 on the way out and had to circle to climb above the peaks to depart toward Mt. St.Helens. I was using a rented Piper Archer with a more powerful engine than standard. The rental outfit had a contract with the forestry service. Perfect day. At that time Ranger Creek usage was reported as 100% military. I suppose they fly up the Whitewater River Valley for practice.
Great Airport! If you follow the Greenwater valley southwest and then turn up the Crystal Access Road you can find the Crystal Mountain ski area.. I recommend using a Cub or a 172!
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