Red Square

Red Square, FSX

The Red Square is a famous square with buildings in the centre of Moscow, the capital city of Russia.

There is different airports in area and the nearest is Vnukovo (UUWW). From UUWW fly heading 045 for 15 nm.

Choose the Cessna 172 and try to land at the square. In fact if you succeed you will not be the first to do that. In 1987 the 19 year old Mathias Rust flew a Cessna 172B from Helsinki, Finland, to Moscow and landed, to the great surpise of the Russians, at the Red Square. Consequently Rust was arrested and sent to prison.


German-born Mathias Rust, 34, made headlines as a 19-year-old when he landed a Cessna light aircraft IN Red Square. He was sentenced to four years in a Soviet labour camp and served 432 days. He returned to Hamburg in 1988, where he now lives with his second wife, Athena
Hello, we are two artists/academics based in Manchester, England who work together in collaboration. We are writing to you in relation to the Red Square Flight Simulator, which we have viewed on the internet.

We are currently developing an exhibition around Mathias Rust’s flight to Red Square, which will be presented at Artis Gallery, s-Hertogenbosch, The Netherlands, in October this year. As part of the project we will produce a small colour publication, which will contain information and images about Rust and his flight.

We are hoping as part of the publication, to include a number of already existing artworks by different artists that have been made about or refer to Mathias Rust’s flight alongside other images and information. We would like to include an image of the Red Square Flight Simulator as it appears on the web page. We wondered if you would kindly grant us permission to include this image in our publication?

As part of our practice we often produce printed matter to accompany exhibitions, which is free or where the price is kept to a minimum. The book will be published by Wild Pansy Press, University of Leeds, England and be available at Artis Gallery and Unit 2 Gallery, London. It will be supported by University of Leeds, Staffordshire University and London Metropolitan University.

We would of course acknowledge your sight/company. We would also send you some free copies of the publication. We are intending the publication to be designed by Fraser Muggeridge Studio, London.

Thank you for your consideration and we hope to hear from you soon.

Best wishes
Emma Rushton and Derek Tyman.

doesn't look like a square :P
The red wall (and buildings within) is the Kremlin. There are other Kremlins (fortresses) in other cities.

Red Square is actually just outside the Kremlin, in the foreground behind the building at the bottom of the picture. The default scenery doesn't show it. That's St. Basil's Cathedral to the left.

Heavy pedestrian traffic didn't allow Rust to land in Red Square itself so he landed onto Vasilevsky Spusk, just behind St. Basil's Cathedral.

Doesn't look like reds square
Its not really a square, but then again it has four sides, so it should be called the red quaduratical
Its not really a square, but then again it has four sides, so it should be called the red quadurangail

Its not really a square, but then again it has four sides, so it should be called the red quadurangail
More like red trapezoid

I was just about to say that.
Mathias is a psycho and a pimip...see the wikipedia.
little migit say waa?
Há aqui alguem que saiba falar portugues
you guys are funny
Its not a square
and my name is not little midget!
It's not a red square, It's Kremlin ( Fortess, with red wall and all that's inside ). Red square is outside and It's just paved stone rectangle. Also not exactly square ( English is too poor so that I can't say it in one word ). Like alot of free territory, but with stone surface.
holy god, what is is there on the picture?
as a born moskovite, i have to say

1) the red square is actually a plain rectangular surface with one of its sides being the kremlin wall. it lies OUTSIDE the kremlin. what can vaguly be seen on this screenshot are the red walls of kremlin.

2) from this angle the red square would actually be clearly seen. and it is on proper sceneries. this shot is made on a terribly indistinct scenery, maybe the defalt one of fs9.
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