Runway surfaces

Runway surfaces, FSX

Flight Simulator X supports 20 different runway surfaces. The runways in the default scenery are covered by 19 of these surfaces.

This page lists the different surfaces. The surfaces are divided into the categories: Hard, soft, snow/ice, and water.


Hard runways are paved and for aircrafts with conventional landing gear.


Asphalt is the most common hard surface covered by 38% of all runways.


Concrete is covered by 6% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: UWLW, KEDW, EPPW, VYMD, FZAA.


Bituminous is covered by 1.4% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: WSSS, LICJ, HKJK, VYTO, GMMN.


Bituminous is covered by 0.5% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: HCMI, HTKJ, LFPB, WMKD, VEIM.


Cement is a supported surface but none of the default runways have this surface.

Snow and ice

The few snow and ice runways are all located far north and south. The runways require aircrafts to be equipped with skies.


4 runways are covered by ice: 74AK, NZIR, NZPG.


6 runways are covered by snow: CTE5, NZSP, NZWD, SA47, NZ12.


Water runways don't have physical markings, but they indicate that you have a certain straight out distance available for takeoffs and landings in seaplanes.

2.3% of all runways are water runways and they are only present in US territories.

Lake Hood Seaplane Base (PALH), Alaska, USA, is claimed to be the world's busiest seaplane base and is problably the best modeled seaplane base in FS.


Soft runways are unpaved and for aircrafts with conventional landing gear.


Grass is the most common surface covered by 39% of all runways.


Gravel is covered by 5% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: 97TX, SSBR, OYBD, VI66, NCPY.


Dirt is covered by 5% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: KEDW, LESA, HCMN, GQNC, Z12E.


Macadam is covered by 0.6% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: DIAP, LFRB, EPKS, RPMU, GATB.


Sand is covered by 0.6% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: ORBD, SSSG, EGCO, CYGW, S16.


Turf is covered by 0.3% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: SPNP, SNOA, SYLP, YIMB, CET2.

Oil treated

Oil treated is covered by 0.2% of all runways and is found mostly in the USA. Examples: 34CN, CA40, CEX5, ERU, SPRM.


Coral is covered by 0.1% of all runways and is found world-wide. Examples: RODE, PHFS, YTTI, NGFU, MYE4.


7 runways in Brazil are covered by shale: SWPB, SWOW, SNYA, SWAI, SNAI, SNPB, SNMI.


6 runways are covered by planks: NXP, 9OA3, VVDB, VVNS, Z19N, AYKK.


A single brick runway is found at Mao (FTTU) in Chad.

Steel mats

A single steel mat runway is found at Bogue MCALF (KNJM) in Swansboro, North Carolina, USA.


never thought i would land in a steel runway in fsx
I never knew there were so many diffrent kinds of
runway surfaces that are on FSX. Great info:D
look up KNJM of Wikipedia. It says that they use the runway for carrier practice landings.
i landed on the steel one it is awesome!!!
i wuve the good one
whats the difference for the airplanes between the hard and soft runways?
Why are they going to update this???
The runways tat I saw on Fsx ARE Asphalt,Shale,Grass ONLY.
does KNJM have arrestor cables?
2.3% of all runways are water runways and they are only present in US territories.

Yes Yes only Americans have thought to land on Water.

Seaplanes flew from Europe and the Far East many years ago.

E=mc-for Squares
In real life, KNJM's runway is made of removable aluminum plates. FTTU's runway is not really made of bricks. I've looked at it on Google Earth and it shows it as a weird surface that I cannot identify yet. It almost looks like salt or chalk.
NGFU is not coral, on Google Earth is looks like a crumbled and cheap concrete or cement.
can I land on Golden Gate
fsx737200 has been here
LegendXZero1 has been here!
how do you request skeis

They all are fun runways to land on :D

I like the ice on ethe most..
fsx737200 has been here same as jason p
I did know there was alot of runway surfaces but did not know where to find them now i just need to find a aircraft with skeis i hope after 300 hours in Fsx and over 2500 landings ice will still be hard - otto
A runway made of bricks?!! Get a life man!
Runway of coral must be placed under water (I mean COME ON MAN CORAL IS FROM UNDERWATER!!!! It must be made for submarplanes (submarines + planes = submarplanes) Doesn't coral break if you land on it LOOOL
LOVE THE SITE!!!!!! (: D
Could a plastic,glass or wire runway be next?
I landed the hornet on KNJM with my arrestor cable down and broke it when it caught the steel rods. Also i saw sparks coming from my arrestor hook when i extended it AFTER i touched down. Odd looking but, hey runways can be bade of anything as long as planes could land on them. Besides Isn't a runway made of steel expensive to build?????
Another thing weird about KNJM is that it has a extremely small control tower on wheels
If I had a penny for every time someone mis-spelled "skis" in these comments I would be richer than Bill Gates.

I can tell runways are oil treated because of its "stickyness" or longer than usual time to take off. Besides why do they oil treat runways anyway?

8D O_o o_O (:D

If i had a dollar for each square millimeter in each and every runway of the world, I CAN BUY A HUNDRED JETS!!!

i also saw a steel mate airport with 1.5km long runway in Varandei, an oil industry settlement in far north, on the barents sea shore, about 1000 km north-east of arkhangelsk.

didn't have the chance to fly on it — we flew with helicopters :o(
I only knew about paved,tarmac,and grass!!
I got the captain sim C-130 with skis and I landed on the ice perfectly.
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i cant find lake hood
A game where you can build, and also fly planes called ROBLOX.com
Mayor Daley can Blow my load. MoFo. Steel is bumpy!

Lake hood seaplane is not in FSX , instead you must go to the Lake Hood Strip (Z41) it runs alongside the base

imagine runway lights at an iced runway !?!? well I think FSX puts lights in every runway surfaces exept water runways !!!! go to the airport 74AK and go night flying and u wont believe your eyes !!!
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