Skyscrapers and towers

Skyscrapers and towers, FSX


The following table lists the 15 tallest buildings in the world and where to find them if they exist in the default scenery of FSX.

# Building Location Height
(ft AGL)
Year From airport
1 Taipei 101 Taipei, Taiwan 1668 2004 S of RCSS
2 Shanghai World Financial Center Shanghai, China 1614 2008
3 Petronas Twin Towers Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1483 1998 N of WMKF
5 Sears Tower Chicago, USA 1450 1974 NE of KMDW
6 Jin Mao Building Shanghai, China 1380 1998 E of ZSSS
7 Two Int. Finance Centre Hong Kong, China 1352 2003 SW of VHHX
8 CITIC Plaza Guangzhou, China 1283 1997
9 Shun Hing Square Shenzhen, China 1260 1996
10 Empire State Building New York, USA 1250 1931 W of KLGA
11 Central Plaza Hong Kong, China 1227 1992 SW of VHHX
12 Bank of China Tower Hong Kong, China 1205 1990 SW of VHHX
13 Bank of America Tower New York, USA 1200 2008
14 Almas Tower Dubai, Emirates 1181 2008
15 Emirates Office Tower Dubai, Emirates 1163 2000


The following table lists some of the tallest towers in the world that are present in the default scenery of FSX and where to find them.

Building Location Height
(ft AGL)
Year From airport
CN Tower Toronto, Canada 1815 1976 NE of CYTZ
Kuala Lumpur Tower Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 1381 1995 N of WMKF
Fernsehturm Berlin, Germany 1207 1969 N of EDDI
Stratosphere Las Vegas Las Vegas, USA 1149 1996 N of KLAS
Tokyo Tower Tokyo, Japan 1091 1958 N of RJTT
Eiffel Tower Paris, France 1063 1889 NE of LFPV
Sydney Tower Sydney, Australia 1014 1981 N of YSSY

The 2063 ft height (3038 ft AMSL) KVLY-TV mast at N47 20.53' W97 17.35' in North Dakota, USA, is the world's tallest supported structure on land.

You may find this site useful when identifying structures in the various cities in Flight Simulator.