Spectacular places

Spectacular places, FSX

This page lists spectacular places in the default scenery of FSX. Some issues are due to bugs while others are real. The page will continuously be developed with new places.

Major terrain mesh bug at Dagali (ENDI) in Geilo, Norway Runway build on a platform at Knox Landing (15NK) in Sardinia, New York, USA. Others: 86T

Airport located in a hole at Armando Schwarck (SVAS) in Venezuela. Others: SLLJ The 100 ft runway should instead have been a helipad, at Newcastle Westpac Base (YXFV) at New South Wales, Australia

Spectacular runway layout at Spencer NOLF (NRQ), Pace, Florida, USA, but even more spectacular transition from FS2004 to FSX (see right picture)

FS2004 version of Spencer NOLF (NRQ), Pace, Florida, USA
If you follow the glideslope for rwy 30 at Sentani (WAJJ), Indonesia, you'll eventually crash into the lake

The 660 ft wide asphalt runway at 44CA is wide enough to takeoff from across in a Cessna 172

Tower on the runway at Wattisham Army (EGUW), UK

A road near the rwy 10 threshold at Norfolk NS (KNGU) make cars cross the runway
South Pole Station (NZSP) is located on a large special shaped platform

Airport located in a hole at Kasane (FBKE) in Botswana
~1600 ft vertical jump from runway to water at La Retama Southwest (MM17), Mexico

The strips on Eastern Island, Midway Islands, are (in FS) apron of the adjacent Henderson Field (PMDY). Real-life they are old abandoned runways.
A major terrain mesh bug forms a V-shaped valley in Tanzania at S6 44.68' E34 3.52'

A floating runway at Kwekwe East (FV76), Zimbabwe
Trees covering runway, taxiways, and apron at MZBZ.

A many thousand feet deep hole at S28.
A giant spike of ~16.000 ft MSL located at N40 45.56' W110 41.95'.

A more than 100.000 ft deep basin on the Greenland ice sheet at N71 55.19' W43 28.19'


I've seen a few pretty bizzare things on FSX. I've seen trees on roads, buildings on the ocean. If you takeoff from CYAG, and head eastward toward a bridge, you will notice power towers on the lake. In real life, those towers are there, but they are supported by little islands.
the runway with the cars crossing is hillarious
The runway with the cars is almost like that in real life. It really should be a tunnel underneath the runway. Check it out in google earth.
Put: KNGU in on Google Maps on 'sattelite', the road on runway 10 at Norfolk actully exists! LOL!
The Queen Mary is there in FSX (don't know about FS2004), fly heading 200 from KLGB.
Fly the Panama Canal in FSX and you will find the QE2 sitting sideways in the locks. Talk about "dry dock"!
For any serious sim adventurer you have got to get the GLOBETREKKER 1000 which has a list of 1000 of the most difficult and most challenging airports for FS-9 and FS-X. It also includes all of the known glitch airports and many many more not listed here! You can find it on E-bay or drop a line to Captannemo-at-earthlink-dot-net!
ENDI- airport looks just OK to my fsx. No mesh bug at all!
Sort of reminds me of the time my Mom was lost in England, and ended up driving down a really long and straight road, she has no idea how she got there, or how she got out, but she soon realised she was driving down an RAF runway!
lol why was she driving down the runway, where's she from??
lol the cars are the most hilarious thing ive seen on a runway!!!!!!!, the atc tower on the runway looks like the camera where you place the tower for planespotting
My mom had no idea where she was going. She thought the runway was the highway she was on. She's from England herself, but obviously not from that particular area.
which airprt has the power line tower in the middle of rnway?! Just sits by itself there w/no wires or anything attached.i saw it once by chance and then shrugged it off as odd.would like to see again.ideas?
Are you talking about the CYAG thing? That's on a lake east of the airport running parralel to a bridge.
The road at KNGU actually goes UNDER the threshold of runway 10 through a tunnel. I've seen C-5A Galaxies taxi over it.
The runways at Spencer NOLF in Pace, Florida are actually like that. The FSX version is correct. The US Navy trains helicopter pilots there.
fsx:i flew over nrq and it wasent as big as i thought but it was pretty butiful!

ENDI look really weird in FSX. Big gaping canyon around the runway "platform". If it was ok, then crew and passengers would need a heli to get there.
the scenery objects for Dublin EIDW in Republic of Ireland in FSX Deluxe is indeed very accurate - I am Irish and from Dublin & have noticed on APP to RWY 10/28 & 16/34 several famous Dublin landmarks when flying in the Dublin CTA near DUB VOR
etimesut TAF base in turkey trees on the taxi way
there are wonderfull places, but im angolan and i wont know more wonderfull places nearest of me. if you can give me a solution for it, i will be very pleased. my e-mail is celsopereira_13@hotmail.com
ive seen cars go across the brige like normal and then fall of and recover (p.s the brige is the golden gate brige in san francisco if you want to see it!)
The runway on Gibraltar has a road crossing it. It is the road from the mainland out to the rock. It has trafficlights to stop the traffic when the runway is used.
Try Kukla airport, Nepal. Just below Everest.
'Try Kukla-- should read Lukla o.k.
can anyone tell me how to record my flight on a CD..??is it possible at all...??
the huge runway + cars R just weird
Try Trivandrum International airport (VOTV) in FS 2004.. VOR array smack right in the middle of the runway!!
have flight sim x..suddenly it stopped logging my flights...any suggestions..tks..eericatty@aol.com
Yah dude FSX Spencer NOLF is correct. Look on wikipedia
What about 0WN5? It clames to have a grass runway but all you can see is the begginning and end of a dirt runway...
I got the EXACT furthest place downward in the ENDI hole. It is -349.6 feet so far I've seen (you fall from 23,000+ feet ABOVE sea level).
At KNGU the road goes under runway 10 in a tunnle, not over it :)
44CA Is big and all but in wideness but you cant even take off in a Money Bravo Verticly!!!

I've just been to Lake Garda in Italy. There are two car ferries that cross the lake and they are both accurately assigned in FSX, you can even see the cars on the deck ! ..... and it adheres to the published schedule !
Fly heading 018 from Icy Bay (19AK) and you'll see a huge vertical cliff on top of a mountain. The cliff continues off to the north for a long distance. I assume this is a significant terrain mesh bug because it looks so unnatural.
en el MMZP ke se supone es la Escuela Militar De Aviacion De La Fuerza Aerea Mexicana, existe un error de maya, la pista esta volando en medio de la nada
actually, FV76 appears as on a massive platform surrounded by a hole in my game, like ENDI, its not floating, it just has a special platform for it...
HAHAHAHAHA!!! Floating runway!!!
At MMZP, go east and you will see a glitch! The runway is like ENDI
yeah FV76 appears on a platform for me too, but the platform is literally a giant pillar that at the bottom has an underlying crevice, so its pretty much a giant floating pillar with a runway on top
i crossed kngu with a airbus A-380 imagine being in a car and seeing this huge jet hurdling towards you!
Try going to weather.gladstonefamily.net/site/FV76 it will show what FV76 is really supposed to look like. The place actually has a hard runway.
I also found MM16 on Google Earth (25*35'31.35"N 103*31'03.27W). The whole river is dried up anyway plus the runway is at a slope.

I like that one! XD
Anybody ever found Angel falls in Venezuela?
me and my cousin tried making a boeing 747 fall of the floating runway
I love the Road Near The Runway With The Cars On It
I Like To Drive With Them In A Car I Got From fsdome.com
It's Awesome
And also everthing else is to
Sometimes some of these anomolies may be a result of display memory problems. For example, several weeks ago I took a flight to Niagara Falls and all was well. Maid of the Mist was plowing toward the falls and roads were level. A week later, I went back and found roads going up and down sharp inclines an, bridges suspended in mid-air not in contact with either shore and the Maid of the Mist in mid-air. I flew under it. I rebooted FSX and all was well.
If you check out Iwo Jima, you'll find its totally flat
so is your mom's chest
Go to santorini Greece at around 1800 (8:00 PM) and look at the sky it is pink and purble, because of the sunset, its really cool!!
Where is an airport near the Panama Canal? And how do you get there?
if i was in my plane landing on that runway with the cars on it, i'd aim fer the cars
marcos a gelabert its just next to the panama canal
Floating runway... cool
as to the road on the runway.. Yokota AFB, Japan, home of C130's has a road that DOES cross an active runway. teh road has red lights that are controlled by ATC Tower when a plane is on approach. Google Earth: Yokota AFB, Japan .. the road crosses the overrun area of the southern end of the runway!!
some person named flight1000 found another finger of god its smaller and has a flat top but looks huge when you compare it to the surroundings :O
I managed to take the 747 off across the width of the runway at 44CA by giving it 1% fuel and no passagers with a very strong headwind! Quite amusing
thanks for all the places. Have added them at our forum here: www.flightsimforum.myfanforum.org. In airports section :) Join if you like
whoa, thats awesome. i almost crashed into the finger of god, it loox so cool 8)
try Macao Intl. Airport.
FV76 doesn't work, is it for 2004?
ive been to EGUW in FS as a pretend emegency landing dint see the tower till the llast moment
MM17 is a cool place to visit because you can guve a 170 skyhawk aboun a quarter throtal and faSYSTEM ERROR:SYSTEM ERROR: CONTACT 3875493 FOR ASISTANCE> SYSTEM ERROR:SYSTEM ERROR:
Try MZBZ you cant land with crash on no matter how soft your landing is XD
haha someone mustve glitched while typing and voila XD Not smart :P
Floting runway, interresting
I am trying to figure out how to get the buildings off the runway at MGCB (Coban, Guatemala) a place I am very familiar with as a pilot.
I have FSX, have checked the coordinates N71° 55.19' W43° 28.19' and found nothing of interest. I think the basin only exists in FS2004.
I found another floating runway at Zapopan (MMZP), Mexico. It's an asphalt runway (8L-26R). Much similar to FV76.
The hole at S28 is about 35,000 feet deep.
When the caars are driving across the runway, take off, cross the airport fence and land on the road and drive on the road.
KNGU's traffic at runway threshold is actually located in a tunnel under the runway lol
I live in Sentani, and the runway is NOT like that. It's a terrain bug...
naw, google earth glitches it too. Water doesnt form mountains and rolling hills. Now you know where ms gets their scenery data from
I found something myself. According to the airport specifications, 8Y4 and MN24 in Minnesota are the most local airports in the game. That's not true. 7WA4 and 39WA in Washington state are so close together, the airport polys actually intersect each other! They are basically two airports in one! And right in my home state!
The airport located in the hole SVAS i landed in the hole with an Embraer 195 FB (must download it if it from simviation) Try it with crash detection on for greater challenge like me. And try other planes too to see witch ones can land in the hole and witch can't.
I found a building on runway 7-25 at Madera Municipal (KMAE) in Madera, California. One of the safest runways in the world. >_>
An ephemeral situation gone wrong, I would say :P
AYMR has a big hole like ENDI for me
weres the finger of god
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idk its off of miami, just head east
FV76 look like it has a massive sinkhole looks cool
awesome thats neat!
I think the SVAS hole is also a bug, for I went to g. earth to see it, and it's a smooth valley.
There is also a bug on LGKP.
i saw a ufo at lsgk
the finger of god is located in tenerife mt. teidi
cant find it though!
There are two airports in Panama (MP*) that are rendered useless in Flight Simulator.

a) Capt. Xatruch airport in Darien, Panama (La Palma). Its at the mouth of a river but both ends of the runway are covered with high trees thus making landing impossible.

b) Volcan airport in Chiriqui, Panama is rendered in a large hole with a lake. With luck you can take off with a Cessna but forget about landing.

This is just VERY unfortunate considering the very limited amount of airports in Panama. And it misses the great Contadora Island airport (challenging).
volcan airport does not exist and the city of Chiriqui is not in FSX
Great sites!

anybody know if gibraltar airport has cars going across it in fsx?
Haha those are cool
gotta take a look at FAHS (Hoedspruit AB), the two runways are very strange, one is located at a normal surface but think that the other one has a small glitch in it :):)
In FSX, FV76 is a major glitch!Like the runway is on a weird platform and it has spikes around it! O_o
put in HHJ9

IT"S LOL!!!!
hhj9 doesnt exist
haha I lived at yokota AFB Japan! And yeah, it does have a road that crosses the southern end (i think..) of then runway! and you can run right past the northern end. You can actually sit there and watch aircraft land.
I departed from the USS ronald regan in the ultralight, with the catupult.good stuff...Also, some of the bigger airliners will launch if they clear the conning tower.
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Why the heck would you build an airport in a hole?!
At WAJJ I landed a AirBus A 380
You should see O'hare airport(yay!). It is not weird but roads coming towards the runway go under bridges that carry taxiways. I have went there once and it looked like planes go over the cars.COOL!!!
same at detroit
4 those needing to know to change to a direct location click the map icon on the 2d panel and use the latittude and launchitude dialog boqes to change lacaton.
THere is a long mesh anomaly on the south side of Mt. McKinley (Denali) Alaska. The "Trench" goes for many miles. We use for fun @ gotbush.org and call it the "Chicken Run" the goal being who can fly its length with clipping the sides. It is not easy. gotbush.org
i cant see the s28 hole is normal on mine
leave cairo in a boeing fly for about a minute at full speed then turn west to c the pyramids
Take off from Alert Airport, Nunazut, Canada. It's a pretty strange airstrip because number 1, it's the most norhtern airport ever, and number 2, there's a lake right next to it. Literally, right along side of it. The waves come in from the lake and wash up on the runway and so does the water. You don't splash though. Pretty strange!!!
Take off from Alert Airport, Nunavut, Canada. It's a pretty strange airstrip because number 1, it's the most norhtern airport ever, and number 2, there's a lake right next to it. Literally, right along side of it. The waves come in from the lake and wash up on the runway and so does the water. You don't splash though. Pretty strange!!!
WTF >:( they pached 100.000 ft deep basin on the Greenland ice sheet at N71° 55.19' W43° 28.19' i found it olny on my old standerd version then got gold edition and its not thare.
Gibraltar FSX does not have the road across the runway. The scenery on the rock is very nice for an ultalight trike tour.

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I like the hole at S28...Its real cool
at eham there is a bug wen you drive *trough* the gate you will get into a 80000 fall (only works with older pc's at fsx nrml)
80000m i mean
fv67 nice
I found something myself. According to the airport specifications, 8Y4 and MN24 in Minnesota are the most local airports in the game. That's not true. 7WA4 and 39WA in Washington state are so close together, the airport polys actually intersect each other! They are basically two airports in one! And right in my home state!

South Pole Station (NZSP) is located on a large special shaped platform

Airport located in a hole at Kasane (FBKE) in Botswana

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ratta the hut
7wa4 and 39wa?
i tought the airports paris charles de gaulle and paris (.... (orly???)) were closest
They forgot Dodger Stadium.
its fucking nice there.
so beatifueal @ fsx (:
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I flew into the basin in Greenland. It took the glider to do it, and it took forever to get down. But I landed it. It seems that a helicopter is needed to get out, but I haven't tried it yet.
HUEN to FZEA (Congo). Over the jungle look left...

I had the shooting stars a second time. The first time two thousand flying hours ago. Both times it happened on departure on climbing at night, two of them and really big. Too fast for reacting to press V.....

Try landing in Mogadishu in a Airbus A321.

The shooting stars are raining brain, sent by god. Press Y to receive it.

WTF giant finger of earth?

anyone know where i can get a fix for these?

lol airports!
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WAJJ Isn't Like That, I Can Land my 747 there, That just a Terrain Glitch
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