Stonehenge, FSX

Stonehenge is an old monument of stones in the southern United Kingdom.

The monument is small and hence difficult to locate from the air. If you don't find it set autogen density to none in the display settings.

VFR: Takeoff from runway 35 at Boscombe Down (EGDM) and fly runway heading. When reaching a major road, follow the road to the west. At a time the road becomes narrower and splitted into two smaller roads. At this point the monument will be visible when you look straight ahead (to the west).

VOR/DME SAM 113.35 R-308 22.6 nm
VOR/DME CPT 114.35 R-233 29.6 nm


Thanks for the help
Any more specific instructions? Distance in NM from the EGDM would be nice. If anyone knows how to guide me there please tell me. :) I flew for 30 minutes and just couldn't find it.
Disregard that, I found out how to use VOR/DME and found the stonehenge in a snap. It looks rather nice. Stone textures are pretty detailed.
There's a real-life 3/4 scale replica of Stonehenge along the Columbia River in WA. FSX only shows a vague round spot, but Google Earth shows it very well at 45 41.661 N, 120 48.365 W. Depart KDLS airport ("The Dalles", Oregon), fly east up the river 15 miles. It's on the north (WA) side of the river just east of the bridge at Maryhill. Tune "Klickitat" (LTJ) VOR 112.3. It's at LTJ 074 deg at 12.2 dme.
Here's another tip. Your scenery complexity has to be set to NORMAL or higher to see stonehenge.
thanks its really easy to find it
to the west there is 3 exits in what exit sould i go left, right, or straight ahead???????????
Spawn on RWY 35 at EGDM in a helicopter. Fly 300 from vertical take off about 4 nautical miles and you will see it. It is very small and looks different than that picture ('04 ACOF? maybe?). The Hedge is on a piece of circular grass and it is about 12-15ft tall!
Pretty big trees. The real Stonehenge hardly has any trees around it.
or just fly west
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