Tokyo, FSX

Tokyo is the capital city of Japan. The scenery contains many of the city buildings and one of the airports has a high-detail scenery.

Takeoff from Tokyo/Haneda (RJTT) and fly north to the city centre. At the large park area in the city centre you see the Imperial Palace, the residence of the Emperor of Japan.


Tokyo has two major airports: Tokyo International (Haneda) Airport (RJTT), mostly for domestic traffic, and New Tokyo International (Narita) Airport (RJAA), mostly for international traffic. Narita is a high-detail airport and is located some distance from the city. Haneda is located on an island just outside the city, and due its close location to the city centre it has a couple of interesting approaches:

At the VOR DME-A (rwy 16R) and VOR DME-C (rwy 16L) approaches you intercept a VOR and make a 143 ° visual left turn before lined up with the runway. Download charts here or use the following approach:
Track VOR KWE 115.0 inbound on 300° at 2000 ft. At 6.0 nm from KWE descent to MDA at 1000 ft. Make a circle-to-land at either rwy 16L or 16R.