Weather balloon

Weather balloon, FSX

This tour shows you the moving weather balloon "Fat Albert" in Florida, United States.

Takeoff from runway 30 at Summerland Key Cove (FD51). Climb to 2100 ft and fly approximately runway heading to the center of the restricted area "R-2916 CUDJOE KEY" (locate it using the GPS map).

The balloon is moving fast and difficult to follow. If you circle around in the restricted area you will continue to see the balloon.

If you like more flying balloons fly south from KDVT.

N24* 41.97' W81* 30.94'

I haven't seen the balloon in FSX. Let me know if you see it.


I saw this in real life-It's actually a blimp...
weather balloon ...blimp.... hmmmm
they can make moving weather balloons as scenery, but they can't make the stinking aircraft carrier move? there kinda lazy if ya ask me. oh and by the way does anyone know how to get the lifts on the aircraft carrier near san fransisco to work? it looks like they can move but i dont know if theres a key command or what.
in fs98 the lifts moved when you got on them but they almost always knock your plane sideways (they just dropped in steps)
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sounds like something Bill GATES MIGHT LIKE
try going on avsim and downloading AI Ships v2. there's a variety of ships and they are under your control

you cantdrive a plane! they dont have a gas and brake pedals and a big steering wheel!!!!!!!!
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There used to be a balloon in FS4, FS5, FS6 near Port Angeles, Washington
I couldnt find it in fxs. Did anyone else or is it just not there?
lol.... big boats do have a wheel you dumb ass!
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It is not a balloon, it is a radar blimp used for drug interdiction.
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