Yosemite Valley

Yosemite Valley, FSX

Yosemite Valley Map is a famous valley in the Sierra Nevada mountain range of California, United States. The 11 km long and ~1.5 km wide valley is located at 4000' ASL surrounded by 3000'-4000' high cliffs.

Takeoff from Mariposa-Yosemite Airport (O68) in a light aircraft. Maybe you need to gain some altitude to the west before you turn northeast and head for the valley which starts at N37* 43.40' W119* 38.80' (map). At the end of the valley you'll see the Half Dome at N37* 44.76' W119* 31.99'. If you follow the valley at low altitude in a light aircraft you'll need to do a 180° turn at the end of the vally because of terrain.

Scenery add-on

It is highly recommended to install this freeware 9.6m terrain mesh from FSGenesis.


i am landed on a high plateau at 8720ft i have a great view down to the valley , its really great here ! i use FSX ! exactly in the middle [between] of O68 and O24 there is the valley ...
enjoy :)
best wishes from Val68Halla :) make a flight over this great scenery !!! exactly in the middle [between] of O68 and O24 there is the valley ...
with FS Global 8 you want never leave this place/area ! find the Dom and fly arround ...enjoy
this is not a flight to do in an f-15
I've been there in real life. Pretty epic!
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