Spectacular places

Spectacular places, FSX

This page lists spectacular places in the default scenery of FSX. Some issues are due to bugs while others are real. The page will continuously be developed with new places.

Major terrain mesh bug at Dagali (ENDI) in Geilo, Norway Runway build on a platform at Knox Landing (15NK) in Sardinia, New York, USA. Others: 86T

Airport located in a hole at Armando Schwarck (SVAS) in Venezuela. Others: SLLJ The 100 ft runway should instead have been a helipad, at Newcastle Westpac Base (YXFV) at New South Wales, Australia

Spectacular runway layout at Spencer NOLF (NRQ), Pace, Florida, USA, but even more spectacular transition from FS2004 to FSX (see right picture)

FS2004 version of Spencer NOLF (NRQ), Pace, Florida, USA
If you follow the glideslope for rwy 30 at Sentani (WAJJ), Indonesia, you'll eventually crash into the lake

The 660 ft wide asphalt runway at 44CA is wide enough to takeoff from across in a Cessna 172

Tower on the runway at Wattisham Army (EGUW), UK

A road near the rwy 10 threshold at Norfolk NS (KNGU) make cars cross the runway
South Pole Station (NZSP) is located on a large special shaped platform

Airport located in a hole at Kasane (FBKE) in Botswana
~1600 ft vertical jump from runway to water at La Retama Southwest (MM17), Mexico

The strips on Eastern Island, Midway Islands, are (in FS) apron of the adjacent Henderson Field (PMDY). Real-life they are old abandoned runways.
A major terrain mesh bug forms a V-shaped valley in Tanzania at S6 44.68' E34 3.52'

A floating runway at Kwekwe East (FV76), Zimbabwe
Trees covering runway, taxiways, and apron at MZBZ.

A many thousand feet deep hole at S28.
A giant spike of ~16.000 ft MSL located at N40 45.56' W110 41.95'.

A more than 100.000 ft deep basin on the Greenland ice sheet at N71 55.19' W43 28.19'