Antarctic Peninsula

Antarctic Peninsula, FSX

There is 4 airports on the Antarctic Peninsula, south of South America at Antarctica.

A tour visiting these airports can be made in about 450 nm. There is 2100 nm to McMurdo Station at Antarctica and 600 nm to the closest airport in Chile.

The following table lists the airports. Remark that no airport has fueling station.

ICAO Name Navaids Rwy surface Rwy length Remark
SA47 Petrel NDB Snow 3500  
NZ12 Palmer Station   Snow 2500  
SAWB Base Marambio VOR/DME, NDB Gravel 4100  
SCRM Teniente R Marsh Martin (Isla Rey Jorge) VOR/DME, NDB Gravel 4200 Runway lighting


Some interesting effects on the beach at the foot of the cliffs near Palmer Station if you have a ground vehicle - some of the waves are in the sky creating a weird aurora effect.
Flew IFR in the dusk from SAWB to NZOA, great sunset scenery, beautifull colors. Approach very tricky due to no runway or airport lighting and no visual reference points. -Chris
nice work.
there are more kind of rwy in the peninsula.
Rothera (British Antarctic Survey)
Parodi (located in Patriot Hill) ice rwy
Carvajal (like palmer but abandoned)
Mount Vinson (used by Adv. network, very very risky but nice)
see ya!
in the NZ0B air strip it shows a plain of snow at the end of the reun way but if you just taxi past the end you crash into snow water
it is very cool
So is snow. HA HA!!!
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