McMurdo Station

McMurdo Station, FSX

The McMurdo Station Photo at Antarctica is located 1850 nm south of New Zealand. The station has 3 ice and 2 snow runways registered under 3 airports. The station has no navigational aids so all approaches are visual. Operations on the ice and snow runways are difficult due to the reduced braking ability and because the runways are difficult to locate from the air.

The following runways are available at the station:

NZWDWilliams Field72 ft07/25Snow10.000 ft
15/33Snow10.000 ft
NZIRSea ice runway1 ft11/29Ice10.000 ft
16/34Ice10.000 ft
NZPGPegasus blue ice runway18 ft15/33Ice10.000 ft

In FSX you'll earn the "Southernmost Airport" reward for landing at NZPG:
Southernmost Airport reward

Also see Antarctic Peninsula.


Pay attention if you decide to visit the local staff sitting in one of the caravans standing not far from the runways - you may get wet feet...
For the top comment:
Or, in the words of FS95 a "splash" (don't mind any of the backslashes: some kind of error with the site)
Flying there later today for the reward in FSX. Slight problem... The nearest airport is just over 2,000 miles away.
Attempting botton to top flight in the G21 Goose. Departed NZPG for NZNV. Required to fly with 200gals of fuel (four 50 gal drums, 1200 extra pounds @ 6 lbs. per. gallon) to make this long leg.
I think you get the SPLASH! message in FSX too.
gotta use the maul orion with skis. good thing i bought deluxe.
you can take off a beaver with floats
Haha. I just landed a 744, A321 and 738 at all airports. Much fun trying to stop. I made it though.

NZNV to NZPG took every last drop of fuel in the tanks of my c130.
At NZWD there is a bug were you sink through the ground in front of the tower/car thing
I land a A380 on Williams Field!!!!!!!!!!!!:))))))))))
CJ & NT are on their way to NZPG in a lear jet !!!!
Any interesting point, if you turn on your nav radio audio in this area you can SOS being sent repeatedly.
Landing on ice is one of the most fun things i have done on fsx
Antarctica...a pilot's last frontier...im goin there with a Boeing 787-900F from Sydney Kingsford Smith Int'l (YSSY).
Have fun building planes, etc, and also fly them! The game is called ROBLOX.com
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