Edwards Air Force Base

Edwards Air Force Base, FSX

This is a FSX only tour

Edwards Air Force Base (KEDW) Map Photo in California, USA, is a major base that is detailed represented in the FSX standard scenery.

Technically the airbase consists of two airports: Edwards AFB (KEDW) and Edwards AF Aux North Base (9L2). The north base is only reachable via road from the main base.

See airport diagram of the main base and the entire facility.

Runway layout

Because Edwards is used for flight research and testing the airbase has a spectacular runway layout. The base has three main runways, all paved but extended with dirt. In addition to these there is several long runways of dirt build on the surrounding desert. The longest one is 39600 ft which makes it the longest one in FSX.

Compass rose

A compass rose is a circle displaying the corners of the world. Edwards has painted the world's largest compass rose on the desert ground. Map Depart from the base and the rose will be easy to spot.

Space shuttle

Edwards serves as a backup site for landing US space shuttles (Kennedy Space Center being the primary). Hence you'll find a space shuttle on ground at the north end of the main base (in both FS2004 and FSX).

Blackbird Spotter

Blackbird Spotter rewardThe FSX mission "Tutorial 1: First Takeoff" takes place at Edwards. On this mission you'll find many aircrafts on ground, including the famous SR-71 "Blackbird". You'll earn the Blackbird Spotter reward when flying near all of the SR-71s.